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Existence Of Scary Creatures in Modern World

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Monsters, Myth or Reality

Almost everyone knows that monsters don’t lurk under your bed or in your closet, but could another kind of monster inhabit the forests of North America or the many lakes and oceans of the world? Unknown creatures that appear frightening to humans are being perceived as monsters. Stories of mythical creatures have circulated the globe for centuries, whether or not they exist today is still a mystery. This paper will explore four of many legendary animals thought to be still in existence in the 21st century.

According to cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, the legend of Sasquatch dates back 5,000 years to ancient Mesopotamia, which is now modern day Iraq. Since that time, the creature has migrated throughout Asia and into North America. This “ape-like” creature has been reported almost everywhere in the world and people are taking notice. On October 20th, 1967, one of the most famous Bigfoot sightings took place. Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin were horseback riding when they encountered what appeared to be a huge hair covered creature. It became startled and began to walk away when the two men approached it. Roger Patterson quickly got out his 16mm camera and began to shoot footage before the creature disappeared in the distance. The creature that was filmed was a female for which breasts are clearly visible in many frames of the film. Many scientists have studied the 16mm film and estimated the stride of the creature is larger than any human’s. It is also mentioned that it would be very difficult for a man to simulate this large of a stride. Footprints are usually found after coming in contact with this large of a creature. Footprints have been discovered almost everywhere including at the Bluff Creek sighting location. Based on scientific study, footprints between one and two feet in length indicate that Bigfoot could be as tall as nine feet. A footprint associated with Bigfoot usually has a deep inprint which indicates that the creature could weigh as much as 600 pounds if not more. After a recent sighting, two tufts of hair, each with about a dozen individual strands, were recovered in Washington State. The hair being tested reportedly came from a creature which was observed at a great distance in a forest in Washington State. If the hair samples suggest being from an unknown primate, scientists will begin research on a human-like primate that once inhabited Asia to find comparisons between the two. There has been a lot of evidence that turned up which can be used to prove that Sasquatch really exists and is an actual species of ape.

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Suppose the myth around the winged man-sized creature known as Mothman were to be true? The legend of Mothman originated in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia. This strange creature made Point Pleasant its home and between November 12th, 1966 and December 15th, 1967 Mothman has reportedly terrorized at least 100 citizens in the course of thirteen months. During this time, author John A. Keel was investigating the reports surrounding the sightings. According to Keel, the creature was man-shaped, either brown or grey in color, and has an estimated height of five to seven feet. The creature was said to have a wider body than that of an everyday man and very large eyes that have been described as glowing red lights. Its arms have been reported to be strangely bat-like, and instead of flapping it has been seen only to glide. In order for Mothman to be a man in costume, 24 foot wings would be required for a human to glide. Several people have claimed that they’ve encountered the Mothman around the area of an abandoned World War II TNT factory. On November 24th, 1966, four people saw the creature flying over this area. The following morning Thomas Ury was driving along Route 62 just north of the TNT area. According to Ury, he has seen the creature standing in a field. Shortly after it spread its wings and began to fly alongside the car. On December 15th, 1967 at approximately 5 p.m., the Silver Bridge collapsed during rush-hour. Dozens of cars fell into the Ohio River and became the biggest disaster to hit Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Many even believe that Mothman was responsible for the collapse of the Silver Bridge. Though no physical evidence has been collected on Mothman, hundreds of eyewitnesses swear in the creature’s existence.

The Loch Ness Monster, known as Nessie, is one of the most compelling myths in history. The vast majority of the Earth’s oceans and seas remain unexplored. Amazingly there could be creatures that have yet to be discovered that live so far down or in such remote areas that they’re rarely seen by humans. The Giant Squid was thought to be only a creature of myth and legend until recently, when corpses of the creature were discovered by scientists. Many of these “sea serpent” descriptions are similar to creatures that are thought to be extinct. In 1938 a creature known as the Coelacanth, which was thought to be extinct for 70 million years, was discovered to be alive. Loch Ness is located in the Highlands of Scotland and is one of many interlinked lochs that run along the Great Glen. The Great Glen represents a large fault zone and is a distinctive incision which runs across Scotland. For many years Loch Ness has supposedly been home to a dinosaur-like monster. Throughout the last century a series of sightings occurred in the Loch. Theory has it that Nessie is a Plesiosaur, a dinosaur which was thought to be extinct for the past 70 million years. Every now and then photographic evidence is taken, supporting the idea of such a “monster.” Many scientific studies been conducted out on the Loch, none of which revealed any solid evidence of Nessie. Many people don’t understand how a large creature, such as the Loch Ness Monster, can go without being discovered by science for so long. Scientists find it possible that an unknown creature can go undetected and inhabit Loch Ness, whether or not the Loch Ness Monster exists is a mystery. The loch has a depth of almost 800 feet and is 21 square miles long. The loch potentially holds underwater caves which gives this monster many places to hide. Loch Ness attracts thousands of visitors each year making it one of Scotland’s top tourist attractions. According to cryptozoologist Roy P. Mackal, there have been over 3,000 recorded sightings to date, making the Loch Ness Monster one of the most sighted monsters on earth. The first recorded sighting dates back to 565 A.D. when St. Columba encountered an unknown creature in the River Ness. Popularity of Nessie grew in the 1930’s, along with the number of hoaxes. One hoax involved a group of teenagers building a raft which was made to look like the monster. A picture was then taken of the raft and made the teens famous for awhile, until it was exposed as a hoax. You don’t have to travel to Scotland in order to get a glimpse of this monster, there have been sightings of the creature right here in North America. Between the states of New York and Vermont lies a 125-mile-long fresh water lake known as Lake Champlain. Residents are claiming to see their own monster in Lake Champlain which fit the description of Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster. This creature was given the name Champ by locals and reports of sightings are made each year. Because of the numerous sightings and scientific research, the existence of Champ and the Loch Ness Monster is always a possibility.

Myths of bloodsucking creatures have circulated regions of Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the United States for decades. It was given the name “Chupacabra”, the Spanish word meaning “goat sucker” for its habit of drinking the blood of goats. But goats are not the only victims of the Chupacabra, chickens, cows, horses, dogs, cats and ducks have also been reported to be attacked by an unknown animal. Reportedly, the victims are drained of their blood, leaving their body intact. Townspeople and citizens fear this creature, especially livestock owners. The Chupacabra ranges from 4 to 5 feet in height and is supposedly closely related to the Jersey Devil. Many believe that the Chupacabra is nocturnal, for it is known to dislike bright lights. Some witnesses say the Chupacabra can leap over twenty feet in the air and has the ability to change colors. These powers are assumed to help it escape captivity and contact with humans. For the first time in Central Russia, a beast was reported killing animals and draining them of their blood in March 2005. In April 2006, it was then spotted by eyewitnesses. Thirty-two turkeys and thirty sheep were found with puncture wounds to the neck and were drained. The Chupacabra can very well be a real animal yet to be documented.

Legends weren’t formed based on people’s imagination, they’ve developed from many actual experiences and sightings over time. Many view these scary creatures unknown to humans as monsters, whether they exist in today’s society or not, is unknown.


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