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To be honest I have no idea, I have no intention of trying to predict that far in the future and think about how will our society be remembered in 100 years. But, we will still have laptops and desktops as they are the best way of doing real work. The laptop will be thinner like iPad thin. The desktop of gamers will look like a predator spaceships. Blue LED case lighting will be back in fashion. Power supply LED lighting will become a thing. Mobile phones will still be around. Folding screens will be a thing, so it will have better screens.

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Computing sticks will become powerful and convenient enough for some people to do real work. So will phones. Docking for monitors and keyboards and mice will be more common. In future I expect computers to be just an interface to the user and the processing to be done on the allocated servers. Example for now, when playing games on the laptop, the hardware of the user (GPU) is used for processing and then the image is shown on the screen of the user. While this processing in future I want it to be done on the servers, which will send the image back to the user to be displayed.

During the next 100 years we will have bugs and maybe mind control programming, where you will be able to think a problem and a computer will supply an answer. Computers will be get more faster but the input or output is still in the theory of stage. Computers in 100 years to come they will be able to implement robotics. Computers in 100 years to come might even replace human beings by equaling them in brain capacity. Computer are going to be more faster, small and more ubiquitous. According to their small size, its going to be easy to integrate them into smallest of devices, that will increase their use. The higher computing speed will make a lot of operations easier and will save human time and effort.

Computers in 100 years to come may be able to communicate with humans like humans. They might be able to to understand the context of words, that will make them better by understanding human language. Imagine a machine talking to you like a friend will be, understanding what exactly the literal and contextual meaning of your words.

In 100 years to come computers may be able to analyze and reason like human do. They might be able to understand humor. Emotionally intelligent machines might be implemented. Imagine a computer being sharing something funny with you, it will be amazing. Now humans to interface with computer they have to use a keyboard and mice to touch screens, to the relatively recent speech recognition. While in 100 years to come computers may be able to understand what human are thinking and react accordingly.

In 100 years to come there will be wireless charging, just imagine not having to bother about chargers, and buy them. In years to come devices would be more like wearable computers, like the much hyped google Glasses. Computer chip will be imprinted into our body in a form of a tattoo. It will be able to interface with our neurons and project images and sensations directly in our brain.

The main difference is that most people will not own a laptop anymore. Just as desktop computers have vanished from peoples homes, laptops will too, to be replaced by tablets. Computers in 100 years will be more faster than todays computers and smaller than a deck of cards. They might become the size of coins and offer smart features like expert intelligence.

RAM is already available in some motherboard upto 64GB. I don’t think we will see much beyond 4 times that for a long time. CPU power wont change much per core but we might see either more cores. Computer will may be able to do what you ask of it. Even better is when a computer will predict what you want before you cask. That’s where emotion tracking technology could help change things. In 100 years to come who will have time to actually use a keyboard? Actually, no body. Fortunately, all computers will have touchscreens

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