My Experiences and Goals During the Current School Year


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When the word writing comes to mind, I often think about how it is a basic skill or concept that uses coherent words that transforms into a larger text. As a child, writing was a liberation to me. It simply amazed me how an author could take a few words and put them together to create a story that would leave me on the edge of my seat waiting for more. The way that authors used their craft to put together a really good story would force me to use my imagination to come up with a second part. Although it basically was rewriting the story it told I still enjoyed it.

While I was using my imagination, I would often find myself writing at odd times such as in the restroom, walking through stores, and other places. In the mind of older people, I may have been the adventurous child. I would also make up stories in my head and retell them to my parents. They would always say “Great story ball”.

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Besides being able to make stories up, I was also able to retell a true story very effectively. On one account, I remember being 3 years old in the back of my mother’s mercedes-benz in Hickory Hill in a parking lot. It was a rainy day and she told me to get out so we could go in the store, but instead I decided to pick up toys out of the floor to bring in the store. When I looked up, there stood a man with a gun in his hand robbing my mother. By the grace of God we were not harmed.

The older I got and the more I went to school, different teachers would explain to me different ways to write. Some would say an essay is 5 paragraphs including 5 sentences each while others would say an essay is 5 paragraphs with 8 sentences being a complete paragraph. I would often find myself overthinking simple task. For example, the instructor would simply say write a paragraph explaining what you did this weekend and I would panic asking myself should I write 5 or 8 sentences.

Coming into this year, it is kind of different. So far I enjoy being in English Composition. It reminds me of the old times where I would simply forget about the troubles of the world and write freely but appropriately. In the past, teachers would assign boring essays such as writing about the Cold War. If I did not research information for that topic, I would not know to much off the top of my head. Now I am able to write about what I know, I feel more confident in writing.

In conclusion, this school year, my goals are to get back to being the old writer I once was. I want to be able to pick up a journal, and write what is on my heart and mind. When I write I want to be able to detoxify the thoughts in my mind. Like I previously stated, writing is a liberation to me.

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