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Experiences Of a Former OFW

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Experiences of a former OFW who choose to stay in Philippines than going back in abroad

The overseas pilino worker are the most industrious people thatwe know because of the truthfulness to thier imployer or manager. they are also a hero because they are fighting for the future of thier children and they have the strength to establish the needs of thier family.they didnt go to abroad for a vacation they going there to get a bigger income and to meet the needs of thier family.ofw is a person who is admired for great or fine qualities. many filipinos want a permanent residents of different countries rather than theyre homeland. most pilipinos are looking for a better jobs in other countrycountry because it has greater salary and most companies in the philippines owners are foreigners thats the reason why they migrate in our country.

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An overseas filipino workers is a person who lives outside the Philippines.This time applies to Filipino who are abroad indefinitely as a citizens or permanent residents of the different country and to those filipino citizens abroad for the spare,definite period such as an a work contract. people in the Philippines are looking for better job because most of the jobs here are taken by foreigners. and the companies have got mostly by foreigners. That’s the reason why they migrate..

There are many factors why many filipinos leave thier homeland and go abroad. First ,lots of job await Filipinos abroad, a type of jobs, white collar or blue collar ones, that they expected. This is the most considerate reason why Filipinos leave the country.Second, many Filiponos wish for success. People have the state that those who work overseas are wealthy, successful individuals.Someway, the truth is these OFWS work hard to improve themselves.Their goal is career growth and progress. They take up advanced and go deeply into courses that are not available in the Philippines.Third , some Filipinos feel that they are only suffering in theirhomeland. Filipinos who suffer in their homeland.Filipinos who suffer in their responsibility and go abroad.They simply want to runaway their situation and forget all the bad experiences they had in the Philippines.And lastly, peer pressure(why dont you go abroad? life is better there.Remember this person,hes already wealthy and have lots of beautiful houses!)

These are just some of the statements we usually hear from families and friends of those who have lived or working abroad. Many Filipinos are pressured to earn more money or have their own assets which they think, is not possible living a life here in the Philipines. But some Filipinos choose to go back in there homeland or prepared upon retirement period. These are some reasons : First,they want to go back to the Philippines because they will be a pensioners and will receive government pension. Second, they’re wife are planning to move back but the kids dont agree in their decision. Lastly, is the relationship with the employer . Sometimes the employer abusing they ‘re rights.


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