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Experiences Of Racial Profiling in America

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We humans are liable to self double dealing and our encounters may possibly be shaped by powers outside our ability to control which give us a mutilated feeling of reality. The astuteness of that end was made crystal clear as of late as I read reports of Harvard Professor Arrested which concerned the arrest of the prominent Harvard professor, Dr. Henry Louis Gates. My first drive was to say that has never happened to me and I have traveled the world. Give me a chance to explain. When I was practicing law, I made the mistake of purchasing a blue Chevy Camaro convertible which declined to go the speed limit. One day I ran through a “speed trap” and was ceased by a bike cop. I presented myself as an attorney and the officer explained that since so many different officers had witnessed my speeding he had to give me a ticket. The officer at that point asked in the event that I had insurance which I demonstrated him confirmation that I did. Incredibly, the officer kept in touch with me a ticket for not having insurance which was later expelled. But even before I became an attorney, while I was in law school, I was halted one night for alleged intoxicated driving.

As I experienced the usual collectedness tests, I was not passing at all. At that point the officer instructed me to do the walking the line test. By at that point, my adrenaline kicked into high gear and I said to the officer that I would do the test depending on the prerequisite that on the off chance that I passed he would release me. The officer agreed. I passed the test and the officer let me run with a warning to back off and return home safely. At that point, as I was leaving the practice of law, I had a trial in West Texas which has a reputation of being anything but kind to Blacks. On my way back from a successful trial, I halted and had a brew since there was nothing more grounded in the area. Those of you who know me surely understand that brew and I are bad companions. All things considered, I got ceased by a policeman who could smell the alcohol on my breath. I explained to the officer that I was just worn out since I had gotten up before dawn to drive to West Texas. The officer invited me to sit in the back seat of his car and then asked me to recite my ABCs. I have five advanced educations. But on that hot day in West Texas and affected by one lager, I couldn’t recite my ABCs. The officer had each privilege to haul me in to jail. But he didn’t. He asked on the off chance that anyone in the car could drive and fortunately my customer was able to drive and we returned home safely. Each time, the officer included was white. These encounters would lead me to reason that there is no racial profiling. But that would be blunder.

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Despite the fact that it has not been my experience, I realize that racial profiling is real and it is a proceeding unjust but vital part of police work. And the really sad part of the story is that most Black cops look the other way because they want to fit in – to be one of the young men. Another colleague of Dr. Gates, Dr. Cornel West, has written that being Black means that at any given minute in any part of the world we are liable to being judged exclusively on the basis of our skin shading. Dr. West writes about how, even in a suit, he had trouble getting a cab in New York City. I have never had an issue hailing a taxi in New York City. Be that as it may, I don’t rebate the experience of Dr. West. So how are we to make feeling of what happened to Dr. Gates? Article Source: http://EzineArticles. com/2672316


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