Explaining Why Do We Need Laws in Criminal Justice System

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Law and Order: The Rule of Criminal Justice System
  • The Importance of Laws
  • The Formation of Laws
  • Laws and How They Change Over Time
  • The Reasons Why We Need Laws and Regulations
  • The Function of Criminal Justice System
  • Conclusion


The State of Society where vast percentage of population respects the rule of law, and where the law enforcement agencies observe laws that limit their powers. Keeping together law and order suggests firm dealing with events if theft, violence, and disturbance if peace, and many other crimes happening one after another. Why do we need laws? As we know law serves as a norm of conduct for citizens. It was made to give proper guidelines and order behavior for citizens, and equality between the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branch of our government. These two keeps our society running and without it there would be so much going on in our country. It wouldn’t be any place that you’ll want to live your life.

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Law and Order: The Rule of Criminal Justice System

Tough on crimes and the War on crimes also known as Law and Order demands a strict criminal justice system. If its related to violent crimes or property crimes, then the criminal justice system should be strict on them as well. Longer imprisonment time, mandatory sentencing, three-strikes laws, and maybe even capital punishment maybe included in penalties of committing some crimes. Many people that are with law and order suggest that incarceration is a way to prevent crime rates from rising. People who are against law and order states that having a criminal justice system that is harsh may not address underlying or systemic causes of crime.

In the 1960s Law and Order became a right-wing theme in the U.S. Ronald Reagan (governor of California) and Richard Nixon (presidential candidate in1968) who were Republicans were the leading proponents. They both used the Law and Order method to persuade both people who were tired of political assassinations and the increasing of crimes. People in the northern cities turned against the Democratic party and blamed them for everything. Tough crimes are the main priority of law and order, but quality of life crimes is included at times. Using the law and order stance Rudy Giuliani won two terms as mayor in New York in the 1990s. Law and Order made a shift in criminal justice which allows modernization, high rates of incarceration, greater equality of race in security and punishment.

Although Law and Order my help decrease crime rates, and help in various of ways it also has its cons. For example, police brutality, misconduct, racial profiling, prison overcrowding, and miscarriages of justice. Mayor Giuliani may have used law and order to decrease crime but reports of police brutality increased during the same time crime was decreasing.

The Importance of Laws

Why are laws so important? Law is basically a guideline for what is and isn’t acceptable in our society. There would be so much confusion between social groups and many other groups if it wasn’t put into place. It is very important that we follow them that are given to us. They can also change to adapt to different things going on in the society. It also has a toll on social change as well. It has the opportunity of shaping a direct impact on society. It helps mold politics, economics, and society in varies of ways. It also acts as a peace maker between people.

The Formation of Laws

Laws are made by the Congress who are in the legislative branch of the federal government. The Congress makes laws for the country, and it is made of two bodies which are the U.S Senate and the U.S House of Representatives. If you are elected to either U.S Senate or the U.S House of Representatives, you can consider a new law. A proposal for a new law is a bill. Making the law a bill can be brought about in which ever chamber of Congress which are the senators and the representatives who supports the proposal. Once the bill is known to everyone, it is given to a group where they will go research and discuss and make any changes to the bill. The bill will also be voted on in the chamber, and if it passes one body of the Congress; it has to go through another process of being research , looked over, see if it needs any changes, and has to be voted on again. Once the bill is accepted the must work out any differences between them both. They must then agree on one bill, and if it passes, they then put it in the hands of the president. He could approve the bill or maybe even so not. If he chooses to veto the bill the Congress can override what he chose, but if he pockets votes after the Congress there’s nothing they can do.

Laws and How They Change Over Time

The reason laws change over times is because Society changes. The Society will never be the same, that’s why the laws must keep up to keep the Society together. The people that’s over making sure that the laws stay up to date with the society must be able to indicate and have the knowledge in values, behaviors, and expectations; also think about whether new or laws that have been revised are required. It’s not an easy nor short task on reforming laws its actually a long process. There are four factors that will cause laws to change, and those four factors are Demographic changes, Technological changes, Change in Values, and National Emergencies.

The Reasons Why We Need Laws and Regulations

Living here in the United States we see it as that we have rules, laws, and regulations to just about anything. Honestly, we don’t know necessarily like them since are basically telling us what to do, and even keeping us from doing what we really want to do. On order to live in a civilized environment laws are required to be apart of it. They keep us protected and makes sure our rights as citizens are treated equally. So, laws also help protects us from the government as well as anyone else. To many people laws are a pain in the butt, but it’s a major help. We have laws on food safety, Speed limits, Traffic, and Licenses for DoctorsNurses. There are laws that protect our rights as citizens like laws that come from the Bill of Rights in the U.S Constitution, that gives us our freedom of speech, religion, and the press. Also, laws that protect us from discrimination, which may consist of our race, gender, age, or even a disability.

The Function of Criminal Justice System

The Criminal Justice System is made up of three major institutions that processes a case from inception, through trail, and to punishment. The case begins with an investigation and the gathering of evidence to identify and use towards the perpetrator. It then goes on to continue with the court system, and that’s where the decision is made whether the defendant is guilty or not. If chosen guilty that’s where the punishment of the defendant is chosen. Also, the rights of the accused and convicted must be respected; the constitutional protection must make sure of it.

According to the Forbes article they give credit to the criminal justice system for the decline in criminal activity. Crime has honestly dropped because offenders are put behind bars for the crimes they have committed. The young offender rates have also decreased as well as another offender


Law and Order plays an important role in the Criminal Justice system. Without them our country and many others will be out of control. They wouldn’t be any where that would be worth staying. Even though we hate the fact of having rules, laws, etc. It’s basically what’s best for us and our country. As far as the future goes things changes with the society so however the society changes that how the laws, rules, and regulations are going to mold around it to keep our society sane.                              

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