Explanation on My Passion for Medicine

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Explanation On My Passion For Medicine

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When I first considered a career in medicine, I quickly realised the lifelong commitment a doctor has towards helping, teaching and benefiting the lives of other people. Through invaluable work experience, I became aware of the successes and failures that I would potentially have to face in this field of work. However, my recent experiences have only confirmed this is the right career for choice me. Studying medicine would provide me with the unique opportunity to continually learn and understand scientific principles as well as enabling me to help others. I am excited by the prospect of working towards such a rewarding profession, as this is an incentive that no other degree or career can provide. I am highly motivated towards my current A level studies. Biology has allowed me to start understanding basic anatomy and structure of vital organs such as the Heart. Chemistry has strengthened my ability to effectively work in groups for practicals.

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My Spanish studies require improvisation and quick thinking by means of conversation or listening skills. I have also completed an EPQ based on the question "Should lifestyle related illnesses be funded by the NHS?" This has helped me to consider the ethics of medicine, medical negligence and the structure of the NHS. As my passion for medicine has grown I have started to read medical related literature which has broadened my perspective on the realities of a career in medicine. "This Is going To Hurt" by Adam kay shows the intense working life of a junior doctor. From the exhausting shifts to the emotional impact of being surrounded by death on a daily basis it highlighted the challenges and yet rewards this profession brings. Recently completing a weeks work experience in a GP practice highlighted the characteristics of a doctor as a professional and only confirmed my prospective career choice. Observing a man with heart failure refusing to accept treatment with statins, I saw that the doctor's key role is to advise primarily, putting the patients wishes at forefront and accepting their choices even though it may not be in their best welfare. Additionally attending a team meeting showed the importance of communication skills and teamwork.

Having volunteered in a dementia day centre and a nursing home for over six months I have seen the difficulties of caring to different patients and also the rewarding moments when engaging and interacting with the residents. Participating in quizzes, playing piano or chatting to the residents has such a meaningful impact by helping them to create new memories even if these are short lived. My communication skills have been enriched and I have understood the importance of listening and understanding the patients lives previous to their disease.I have also been fortunate enough to participate in medical related events from which I gained an insight into the complex nature of this profession. I attended the Medicine masterclass at the NHS Northumbria headquarters and Sunderland University summer school. The masterclass allowed me to explore the various medical specialties. Although each speciality had different aspects the fundamental skills and attitude of the doctor remained entirely the same. Recreationally I have been working towards grade 5 singing and grade 3 piano and plan to complete these exams in November and March. I also enjoy running in my free time allowing me to achieve personal goals and reduce stress. Additionally I am a reading ambassador in this role I help the younger students to improve their literacy skills. This has allowed me to adapt my teaching styles and be an active member of the school community.

Studying a medical degree will undoubtedly lead to a demanding and challenging profession that will continually test my academic capabilities and the ability to work under pressure. I appreciate this commitment and there is nothing more I will strive from than having the privilege to become a doctor.

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