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Today, this paper is going to talk about Joseph Stalin’s life, where he grew up, where he went to school and so on. Then how he got chosen to rule Russia, and how he got to the top by creating Communism, and how he sadly died! On December 18,1879, in the village known as Gori, Georgia, which had about 5,000 people living there at the moment, Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili was born, and was later known as Joseph Stalin.

His father was known as Besarion Jughashvili and he worked as a cobbler, his mother Ketevan Geladze, worked as a washer woman. And Stalin was the only survived son of Iosif Vissarionovich. Stalin was a fragile child, (, Editors, 9 Feb. 2019.) he contracted chickenpox at age 7. (, Editors, March 27, 2019) After having chicken pox he got injured in a carriage accident which made his arm s little bit deformed.

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The kids of other villages treated Stalin badly, which made him feel unwanted. This is the reason why Stalin searched for respect and greatness. He also established a painful streak for those who intersected him. His mother who was a dedicated Christian, desired Stalin to become a priest and lead the church! Then she, enrolled him into a new school which was a Christian school in Gori. Stalin did very well in school which led him to get a scholarship from Tiflis Theological Seminary in 1894.

A year later Stalin met a group named Messame Dassy, which was a secrete organization that reinforced “Georgian independence from Russia”. “Some of the members were socialists who introduced Stalin to the writings of Karl Marx and Joseph Lenin.” Then after that Stalin joined the group in 1898. Stalin did good in seminary school but left in 1899. The records state that Stalin could have not paid the tuition and withdrew because of that. And it is also said that the school officials asked him to leave because of his political views who were challenging the “tsarist regime of Nicholas the second.”

Stalin chose to stay in Tiflis, dedicating his time to the radical program, which was known as the revolutionary movement. He worked as a tutor for a while, then he worked as a clerk, because working as a clerk made him much more money. He also became an underground political protester, when he left his school. He also adopted a name called Koba after a false Georgian outlaw-hero, and has joined the more confrontational wing of the collective Social Democratic program, the Bolsheviks, controlled by Vladimir Lenin.

In 1902 Stalin got in jail and arrested for coordinating a strike and then he got exiled into Siberia. It was during this time when Stalin got the name Stalin, which means Steel in Russian. When he escaped exile he was marked by the Okhranka which meant the secret police, he was marked down as an outlaw and he continued to hide from the police and he continued to get money through his robberies, kidnappings and extortion. Stalin has also got known for a bad deed, when he was associated with the 1907 Tifils bank robbery, some people died and the team had also stole 250,000 in rubies (which is 3.4 million dollars in today’s money).

Then the Russian revolution begun in 1917. By October 1917, the revolution was complete and the “Bolsheviks were in control”. Then the year 1924 happened, Stalin destroyed the old style of leadership and took full control of it, after Lenin’s death. Stalin has made a reign of terror, having some people arrested at night and put on for show trials. Rivals were accused of having relations with capitalist nations and were named “enemies of the people” and got instantly executed. The period was later known as The Great Purge, were party leaders to local officials were accused of counter-revolutionary activities.

In the 1920s and 1930s Stalin has overturned the Bolshevik agrarian rule by snatching land given previous to the peasants and forming cooperative farms. He has also believed that the cooperative farms helped the food making process accelerate. Millions of people were killed because of force labor and starvation during the confirming famine. Stalin has also set wave fast industrialization, which was a upright success, but he lost millions of people because of that. As the ww2 happens Stalin quickly signed a “nonaggression pact with Germany’s leader and the Nazi Party’s”. Stalin believed Hitler, but his army told him that Germany was gathering army’s on its Eastern Front.

When the Nazi blitzkrieg happened, Stalin was not ready to face it, and suffered a lot of damage. Stalin was so upset at Hitler’s betrayal that he stayed in his office for two to three days. Then when Stalin recovered his resolution, German officers involved all of Ukraine and Belarus, and it’s big guns encompassed Leningrad. To exacerbate the situation, the cleanses of the 1930s had drained the Soviet Army and government administration to the point where both were almost broken. Then the German’s were turned back to the Battle of Stalingrad in 1943. By the following year, the Soviet Army was freeing nations in Eastern Europe, even before the Allies had mounted a genuine test against Hitler at D-Day.

In spite of the fact that his notoriety from his victories amid World War II was solid, Stalin’s wellbeing started to break down in the mid 1950s. After a death plot was revealed, he requested the leader of the mystery police to affect another cleanse of the Communist Party. Before it could be executed, in any case, Stalin kicked the bucket on March 5, 1953. He left a heritage of death and awfulness, even as he transformed a regressive Russia into a world superpower. Stalin was in the long run reprimanded by his successor, Nikita Khrushchev, in 1956. Be that as it may, he has discovered a revived fame among a large number of Russia’s youngsters. This paper talked about how Stalin lived in his early years, studied in school, and how he succeed in school and how he also became the Soviet Union’s leader, and how he won with such power and succeeded.

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