Exploring What Causes Racism

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction:
  • Scope and Rational
  • Causes and Consequences
  • Global Perspective:
  • National Perspective:
  • Evaluation of Sources:
  • Personal Reflection:
  • Conclusion:
  • Course of Action:


Its been 3 years since I’ve been involved in social media and I’ve learned a lot of things, good and bad. One day when I was going through one of my friends Instagram posts and I saw him using a racist word, I knew that racism is a huge problem worldwide, but what I had no idea about is that even my friends and family are racist in some way or another, which is truly an issue.

Since I had an individual research to do in global perspective, I thought that human rights, especially racism will be an ideal topic to choose, and since racism is a worldwide topic, it is reasonable and interesting to see the perspective of the people of the world and how racism is dealt with, or the consequences of racism. By doing this individual research I can also advice my friends not to use racist words since it is a huge problem.

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Scope and Rational

Racism. A belief that some races or ethnic groups are superior to others, used to devise and justify actions that create inequality between racial groups. Racism is one of the most common issues in humanity. It haunts our past and can degrade our future. Many people on earth don't know what causes racism, yet most of us are racist. The share of Americans who say racism is a “big problem” in society has increased 8 percentage points in the past two years – and has roughly doubled since 2011.

Causes and Consequences

Upbringing: Parents have a significant effect on what their child believes and what they think. Every time the parent says or reacts harshly towards someone of a different race, they are giving their child a message that racism is the right thing to do. Hate comes from your family and is hard to change; it can also become a part of your personality and who you are.

Peer Pressure: Your friends can have the same affect on you as your parents do. You have chosen these people to be your friends so you are likely to listen to them. Therefore you are more likely to agree with what they are saying about things like people from different races. This can lead you to becoming racist.

Unfamiliarity: One of the most common causes of racism is unfamiliarity. Some people become fearful of what they don't know or understand. If a child has grown up with people from only their race, then the child is more likely to become racist towards that race.

Global Perspective:

With respect to the achievements and progress of South Africa, it was ranked as the 9th most racist country based on the survey results, where 19.6% of people said they would not like having people of different races living next door to them. In regard to the shoot up of population. The most racist country in the world according to many sites in the internet is India , in which most people said that they have witnessed racism. With at most concern. The second most racist country is Lebanon, who have witnessed a bit less than India. Countries like japan lie at the 25th position, where around 22% of the people have witnessed racism.

National Perspective:

From where I come from, with regard of the positive factors of the country, in india, I see a lot of racism going on and have no doubt about it being the most racist country in many sources, it must be stopped as people are misunderstanding this concept.

Evaluation of Sources:

  • The first website that is taken is “ what are the causes of racism?”. The website includes major reasons for a person being racist, and the cons of the modern day life, this website is used so that people are aware of the uses of racism, this website is reliable as it contains specific content.
  • Sites such as “ now see racism as a major problem” is very authentic as it contains specific dates, information for all various sources of information are used in the website which make is reliable.
  • The website “ can we prevent racism” is very useful for my research as it allows the visitors of the website to answer the questions and view the global perspective of the preventing of racism.

Personal Reflection:

This individual research that I have made is very reliable and authentic. When I first started with this topic I thought it will be very long, boring and hard, even though I chose the topic myself, but in the process of doing this I.R, I became very engrossed in the topic and realized that it was actually a really serious thing. I myself call people black and white at times, but after this research I literally don’t feel like picking on anyone .racism is a very deep topic and it can be stopped.


Can racism be stopped? Yes, we can. Racism is taught not inherited. People just don't want to realize that they are wrong. Anything can be changed if you believe in it. Yes racism is still very big but you can tell people to stop being racism. It's our choices to change the world around.

Course of Action:

Racism can be stopped if everybody joins their hands and decide to take action on racists, the people who are mainly responsible for the act of racism. The racists must not be forgiven, they must be corrected and if have gone on an extreme level of racism, they must be punished in a way that they don’t repeat it ever again.

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