Exploring Whether the Genre of True Crime is Ethical

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The True Crime genre has pros such as making people be more vigilant and educating the public, but the constant news updates and the style of which the story is being told are cons of this genre. True crime is a non-fiction literary and film genre that the author examines a crime and the details of the actions of real people.

One pro of True Crime is that it drives people to be more vigilant and careful. The reason behind it is that people don’t want the same thing to happen to them. So people are always alert and “on their game” perhaps. In the article “Inside a ‘Making a Murder’” states, ”I live in a state of constant vigilance very similar to combat or constantly being on duty as a law enforcement officer” (Keegan 2). This quote supports my claim because its from a law enforcement officer that is now always more vigilant because of “Making a Murder”. Another pro of True Crime is that it educates the public. It educates the public by knowing what to avoid. The article states,” But there is a clear distinction between public interest and what is of interest to the public – the latter is problematic.” (Bradford 4). This supports my evidence because it shows that True Crme does affect the public.

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One con of the True Crime genre is the constant news updates. Families involved in the crime itself could possibly never get closure with the crimes being blasted all over the internet. In the article “Inside a ‘Making a Murder’” states,” Holloway's mother, Beth, sued oxygen and the show's producers for intentional infliction of emotional distress “ That supports my claim because it shows how the news can push families over the edge, when all they wanted was to have closure. Another con of True Crime is the specific style of storytelling. The style is very gruesome and too vivid in detail. The article states, “the reality of murder on the families involved is much more sobering, traumatic and, well, messier than is often projected on our screens.” (Bradford 3). This also shows how storytelling can affect the parents as well.

With all the evidence I have provided, Although the True Crime genre does have pros such as making people be more vigilant and educating the public, but the constant news updates and the style of which the story is being told are cons of this genre. Overall True Crime is a negative genre because it is too gruesome and hurts friends in families by not giving them the closure that they need in order to heal the loss of a loved one by blasting all the information on social media.  

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