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A Virtue of withdrawalMessage in honour of the late Rt Hon Sir Samir Zubair – It is indebted to you, dear grandfather and honor’d Sir, that the sentences pronounced through my mouth, and proceedeth from the ink of my pen, are presented in the mode that they are. You had obliged me, when you lived, to teachings of your idiosyncratic flavour of writing, which I have thence recruited into the fabrication of my own works. To think what good fortune I had to be subjected with such spirited teachings of your lessons in literary is most pleasing to the mind. Many a times while writing this have you occupied moments of my thoughts. Thereof, aligned with your good opinions on the matter, and the ornateness of your literary ways, I dedicate unto you, this Virtue of Withdrawal.

Abstract – The question this disquisition is to treat be; how has it come forth to be that Britain is a beneficiary to her own liberalisation, through her withdrawal from the European Union? In sum, it is my intention to survey, and whence write, on all factors which may enter into account when postulating in favour for the said question above, and indeed when postulating to the contrary too.

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A point of order – Before this literature shall expound upon the more material particulars of the matter, I shall indite brief, howbeit pertinent, contextual paragraphs, whereof offering a ridged foundation of knowledge to those readers whom are lay in these affairs of constitution and political matter. Should the lay man find himself upon this literature, it is my advice to him that he ought to become familiar with the forthcoming paragraphs below, which shall thereof see that he deciphers the central text with relative ease. Verily, it appears to me impractical for a man of deficient knowledge in these affairs to ensue reading further into this literature from hereafter, without at a minimum consulting the contextual paragraphs. Thus, I hope such a man, whom this is applicable to, recruits my advice and from hence effectuates it. I trust this publication shall be comprehensible to the lay person as well as enthralling to the learned man.

It has entered into account that particular men whom entertain opinions inherently discordant to those of mine may find themselves at these sheets. I say to them, though I warrant very little of their countenance on the doctrines of my politics, and whence they may view this literature as a production of erroneous sentiments, it is not my wish to carry out an offensive on the workings of their mind. Should they find my works decried, they ought to be at liberty to talk with collogue about why it be so.

Contextual paragraphs – It has not been uncommon of late for certain minds to receive the phrase ‘Brexit’ with a sense of incertitude of interpretation, thereof I shall hereafter refer to this said Brexit as ‘EU withdrawal’. From hence, the risks of straying into misinterpretations are eradicated. Brexit (cited in long form as Britain-exiting), the phraseology attributed to the referendum conclusion whereby Britain hath voted to depart the European Union, and thence all the curtailments and bureaucracy it encapsulates, has sawn grave dissension among the people of Britain, and those ministers of the sovereign. (One should hereby proceedeth with an understanding that these said contention derived divisions are not a product of EU withdrawal per se ; manifestly rather, the coexistence of these divisions among civic society could truly already have been observed by eyes whom chose to see it). Withdrawal has merely served itself as an instrument of highlight.

The European Union (EU), beforetime termed as the European Economic Community, is a political and economic union, succeeded from the Treaty of Rome, as a response in furtherance to the late proceedings of war in Germany and France, that thence wherethrough spread to other parts of the world. In pretext of concord and order, those authorised representatives of the soverign in Germany and France felt it necessary that the relationship binding these economically alimeted countries ought to be animated by a spirit of rational amity ; and thence, consensus manifested for a permanent body that would be the sine qua non in which this spirit could reside.


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