The Role of Extra-curricular Activities in the School Curriculum


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Most of the education theories emphasized the connection between physiological, emotional, social and, cognitive development. They are linked together to shape the learners we want today but, this cannot be achieved in a classroom learning setting only. It was concluded through many studies that, students who choose or determine their involvement to their school community are most likely to be more active members of the learning process, where they become inquirers, responsible, committed and, critical thinkers.

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What is ECA? ECA, “Extra-Curricular Activity” is part of any school curriculum, this includes all activities which take place outside the classroom environment so that each and every child get the opportunity to explore their strengths, talents and, capabilities. In WIN School, where my placement is, ECA’s are still not in action at this time of the year, however, they have a wide range of activities and events taking place to support all students and they are as important to their academic achievement.

The school plays a great role in encouraging students to participate in this learning opportunity whether for their own individual interest or for the team building spirit. How is it important – to students? Some of the activities are created to increase their awareness and highlight the importance of a healthy life style mentally and physically like sports, as well as building and improving their social skills through meeting different students from diversified cultures and with different interests. It shows students different values and how to deal well with adults which they can only learn through life, at the same time raises their self-confidence. In other words, it molds their personalities to become the best they can be and sequentially, improve their academic performance and their sense of responsibility. Some other activities or competitive and challenging. I can clearly notice that, students who seek challenges tend to exert more effort to learn and reach their goals as they become motivated independent learners.

The School Offers

Debating competitions, reciting poetry competitions, innovative product competitions and young entrepreneur competitions. At WIN school, teachers and students are collaborating towards UAE education vision.

To Teachers

Teachers might think of ECA’s as a duty assigned by school to benefit only students, but the truth is, it is critical to the teachers as well in many ways. First and most importantly, engaging with students in an informal way build and strengthen the relationship between teacher and students that immediately reflects to the classroom setting. Second, teachers will have the opportunity to reach the less confident or hesitant students and, get to know more about their problems and needs for higher performance and participation away from the formal classroom environment. Teaching students how to deal with adults, is a significant measure to their social development. Third, it establishes a very positive relationship between colleagues. They share new ideas and opinions and collaborate together professionally towards the student’s best interest.

This has a great impact on the work and the learning environment and, encourage positive work ethics between colleagues and leaders of the school. And finally, allows the teachers to explore themselves and their hobbies or talents as well as having fun. I remember my first class in ECA was a photography class. I love photography and I never thought I can teach it until I volunteered to run this photography club and end it with an exhibition for the young talents. I must say it felt great and I realized that I have to pursuit and develop my photography skill.

To Parents

Parents will have the chance to get involved in their children’s learning which was proven through studies, that it has a great influence on students’ behavior. They become more confident, less violent and more successful when their parents are involved in their learning. On the other side, it connects parents to teachers in an informal positive environment and establish a good relationship and useful collaboration to provide the best learning environment for all students, at school and at home. Parents become more comfortable in the school environment and act as a proactive member of the school community, following the school regulations and, giving the school a meaningful feedback for improvement and development.

To School Community

School is the place where students spend almost most of their time and It is the time when students and teachers relax and discharge the academic stress, learn something new together, learn to respect the diversified cultures and, work together as a team.

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