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Facebook And Instagram Changing Policy

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The innocent looking easy to sign up and join. The always trying to keep its nose clean and showing tips about security. Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram is not as innocent when it comes to enforcing the minimum age policy, and therefore, due to the force and some solid facts finally Facebook and Instagram Changing Policy. Facebook and Instagram Changing Policy regarding age confirmation.

What ought Facebook and Instagram Changing Policy?

Facebook and Instagram Changing Policy reign are not because of the good of their heart but the exposure by an undercover reporter that became a reviewer for the Facebook and found out their stance regarding age policy. The said reported came across instructions outlining to look the other way if a reviewer came across an underage profile, which in this case is of the age below 13.

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The company’s stance on this issue is that if a user is able to retain an account before hitting the age 13 and is not reported or have violated any terms then its account should be allowed which will give the user a better timeline.Facebook and Instagram Changing Policy Regarding Politics The same undercover reporter, a reviewer on Facebook, uncovered the fact that Facebook has a more lenient policy towards political groups as compared to non-political pages or groups. The reporter stated that Facebook would enquire a report more thoroughly if it was against a known political group or page as compared to ordinary pages or groups. This proves once again that Facebook and Instagram are focusing their eyes on the prize and are not shy to look the other side if the need be.

Facebook and Instagram Changing Policy Stance:

Due to the allegations regarding the US elections and the this “undercover” report Facebook has decided to enforce their age restriction policy even more. This means that it is not necessary that a profile is reported to be scrutinized for age but if any kind of report comes along or a reviewer suspects a profile, checks it and confirms or suspects that the user is under the age of 13 that account will be blocked. To unblock the account a proof of age will be required that may include disclosing a government-issued ID.

TechCrunch reported that it is not necessary that the said companies will start charging down all the accounts at once but will devise a plan as stated above and in addition to this also if a user changes his/her date of birth to suddenly become above 18 or even vice versa will be required to present proof of age.

Why Facebook and Instagram Changing Policy?

Facebook and Instagram mainly rely on providing personalized ads. These personalized ad experience include being dependant on age as well. For instance, Alcoholic beverages ads, gambling ads or mature or graphic content. If a user lies about his/her age Facebook has no control over making sure the user does not come across these ads or have access to pages and groups. The change in policy by Facebook and Instagram seems like a good step and we hope that it will bring about a good change and a better user experience.


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