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Facilities operations & maintenance

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The facilities operations and maintenance section will be led by Singapore’s Mass Rapit Transit (SMRT) Corporation Limited. The SMRT will be engaging the CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) as a consultant to them for managing the operations as well as maintenance schedules for the facilities and the real estate of this railway station.

SMRT Corporation Limited

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SMRT Corporation Limited was first established in the year 1987 where their first MRT system began operation and they have been Singapore’s model multi-modal land transport provider for 30 years and counting. SMRT’s main core business would be in the engineering, rail operations as well as maintenance of the train services in Singapore. Apart from the rail operations and maintenance, they also provide other services such as taxis, buses and other automotive services. SMRT’s mission is “To be the people’s choice by delivering a world-class transport service and lifestyle experience that is safe, reliable and customer-centric”.

More stations were open as well as the MRT system were officially launched in the year 1988 with the North-South and East-West line completed by 1990. Over the years, the aim is to cover most parts of Singapore island through planning and building of more train stations. Currently, there are more newer stations in addition to the initial North-South and East-West lines and some examples would be the Circle line, Downtown line, construction of the Thomson East Coast line and other Light Rail Transits (LRTs) which covers 3 different neighbourhood areas in Singapore.


CBRE started out in San Francisco in the year 1906 and was known as CB Commercial till the year 1998 where they acquired the international arm of Richard Ellis Internation (REI) Limited and changed the company’s name to CB Richard Ellis or CBRE. They eventually because one of the largest real estate companies around and attained many large firms to speed up growth and promote global capabilities to meet their client’s demands. Currently, CBRE became one of the most admire companies in real estate sector as well as the top real estate brand for the 17th year in a row.

CBRE provides a wide range of services and business lines. Some of the business lines that they provide are:

1. Advisory and Transaction Service – Provides consultation advices as well as solutions to cater for corporate real estate occupiers and investors

2. Asset Services – Enriching owner’s property values

3. Capital Market – Provide knowledge as well as experiences to enhance real estate performances

4. Global Workplace Solutions – Provides consultation, industry-leading facilities and project management, portfolio and transaction services

5. Valuation and Advisory Services – Offer perspectives on global real estate valuations as well as advice on decisions for investment strategies

6. Investment Management – Provide solutions for risk reduction as well as enhance returns for investors


Accounts Manager

Ø Overall in-charge and tasked to oversee all the operations of the railway station

Fire Safety Manager

Ø Responsible for all Safe Work Procedures (SWPs) required for the works as well as to ensure compliances are in line with relevant authorities

Ø Coordinate and work closely with the Facilities Manager to ensure works and condition onsite is according to procedures and compliant to relevant authorities

Ø Ensure all fire & safety requirements stated in Emergency Response Plan (ERP) are compliant and always in order

Ø Supervise all maintenance of fire and safety works within the premises

Ø Prepare and distribute the ERP to occupants and tenants of the railway premise

Ø Execute the ERP in case of emergencies when required and ensure procedures are executed according to procedures safely

Ø Plan and execute Bi-Annual Fire Drills for the premise safely

Ø Prepare and submit reports of fire drills and maintenance records of fire & safety equipment, ie fire extinguisher etc.

Facilities Manager

Ø Plan and control all maintenance and management activities of the railway station

Ø Manage day-to-day facilities operations

Ø Prepare and submit monthly reports of maintenance and management checks

Ø Liaise with tenants, consultants, contractors as well as relevant authorities regarding regulations, repairs, installation, fabrication, renovation, servicing and warranties of equipment

Ø Supervise works carried out by technical staff as well as contractors and ensure work complies with safety and health regulations

Ø Compile, prepare and analyse operational data reports for future improvements and innovation

Ø Submit and review proposals for budget forecasting of building projects as well as equipment

Ø Prepare and submit cost estimates for repair works, work specifications, contract document drafts, quotations, tenders as well as recommendations for awards of quotation and tender

Ø Ensure that overall facilities and operations of the building comply with the relevant building and statutory regulations

Real Estate Manager

Ø Responsible for all marketing and leasing activities of the railway station

Ø Handle all marketing of shops and machine spaces, renewal of lease or tender documents and other leasing matters

Ø Plan and implement the tenancy mix within the malls

Ø Formulate and execute various leasing strategies to achieve desired tenancy mix

Ø Coordinate the real estate’s section activities to ensure consistency and compliant to leasing policies, regulations and procedures

Ø Prepare and manage leasing income budget to ensure stipulated amount is achieved

Ø Establish and maintain good relations with tenants and occupants

Head Engineer

Ø Responsible for all planning and executions of both rail as well as building maintenance aspects

Ø Monitor and review all preventive maintenance as well as repair work progress

Ø Carry out joint inspections with technician and staff, conduct analysis for defects trend, incident investigations, as well as onsite audits to improve on any issues affecting efficiency and productivity of maintenance works

Ø Manage, guide, train and supervise both Senior Technician (Rail) as well as Technical Executive (Building Management) in the respective maintenance works

Ø Ensure department maintenance records and documents are in order

Ø Review and validate all contract specifications as well as contractor’s taking off in conjunction with approved allocated budget

Soft Services Manager

Ø Manage both in-house cleaners as well as external vendors such as the pest control and landscaping teams to ensure facilities services provided to client are of exemplary standards

Ø Ensure vendors are providing services according to contract expectations, partnering with vendors to continuously improve service qualities, plans as well as resolve service issues at site level

Ø Ensure security checks are carried out according to plan and procedures

Ø Submit weekly reports of security checks to ensure areas are secured accordingly

Ø Manage and ensure financial targets are met

Ø Provide advice and experiences by promoting strategies as well as best business practices to the operating areas

Ø Secure and maintain a strong client relationship to allow organic growth opportunities

Ø Motivate, lead and reward the team according to performance


Scheduled Inspection and Coordinating Works

Inspections and coordinating works shall include but not limited to the following:

Regular inspections are to be conducted to ensure all facilities in the station are in serviceable condition.

Maintenance of the property should comply to the standards based on relevant statutory governing bodies. Licences are mandatory to be monitored and renewed before expiry dates when required. Inspections and maintenance works to be conducted prior to any license renewals.

Ensure all works carried out is according to site requirements, terms and conditions (T&Cs) while complying to in-house rules and regulations, statutory legislations as well as standard code of practices (CP).

All security as well as safety matters that may impact both occupants and tenants directly or indirectly to be attended to promptly.

Closing of all job requests received within the priority period agreed upon in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to meet targets set in the Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Coordinate with vendors to attend to urgent requests, emergencies as well as after working hours.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) preparations that aim to include internal operations, operation of third party vendors as well as contractors to ensure personnel and assets are protected and able to function in the event of a disaster.

Reports to be prepared for monthly reviewing to monitor work flows and budget for improvements. Planning and monitoring of annual maintenance budget.

Management of tenant – To ensure tenants’ activities comply with relevant statutory requirement during normal operating hours and/or any additional and alteration works.

Supervision shall include but not limited to:

a) Plan, schedule and supervise preventive maintenance program for building works, mechanical and electrical (M&E) works, housekeeping and other supporting services.

b) Manage all term contractors (TCs) and ensure maintenance are carried out and completed by TCs according to schedule. Service maintenance scope:

1. Sanitary, Plumbing and Sewerage System

2. Compressed Air System

3. Fire Alarm and Extinguishing System

4. Diesel Storage Tank

5. Standby and Base Load Generators

6. All Types of Pumps, Water Tanks, Motor and Control Panels

7. Security and Other Special Equipment

8. Landscaping Works

9. Pest Control

10. Cleaning


The scope of the real estate management is to set appropriate rental rates and prices based on the operating expenses and budget of the building. These rates and prices will also be moderated according to the current market rates. The real estate management will be responsible to entice certain business owners to maximise occupancy and rental rates by introducing best marketing strategies as well as promoting through advertisements.

During the lease periods, the management team will be responsible to monitor the different activities of the tenants, collect rents due, manage requests and assessing tenant’s satisfaction on the facilities in the premise while comparing against other competing properties. The team will also be involved in any mitigation or remedial works concerning maintenance issues and/or any litigations that may be raised by the tenants, contractors or insurance agents.


SMRT will be deploying a team of specialist to manage the railway operations of the Parkville railway station. The specialist team would consist of technicians as well as engineers that will manage the maintenance of the railway and equipment within the station to ensure the operations are running smooth without failure.

Each year, a 52-week periodic maintenance schedule will be prepared and execute for all the equipment in the railway station. A Critical Equipment Inspection (CEI) schedule will also be submitted for the engineering team to monitor. This CEI will be execute by the engineering team to check and maintain the railway tracks, safety automated glass doors on the platform as well as the automated entry/exit gantries. As for the technicians, they will execute all the inspections according to a checklist that will be provided to them for each equipment that needs to be inspected. At the end of the inspections, the supervisors will be required to sign off at the bottom of the checklist after going through the inspection and checklist to ensure everything is checked accordingly.


The general scope for facilities management consist of:

Ø Cleaning

Ø Maintenance of M&E

Ø Landscaping

Ø Pest Control

Ø Environmental, Health and Safety


Under the cleaning contract, the team shall:

1. Carry out cleaning services within and around Parkville railway station

2. Provide and ensure necessary manpower, tools, equipment, machineries as well as materials are sufficient and present to be able to execute the services according to the detailed work specifications

3. Provide additional manpower when required to ensure timely completion of respective routine work programs

4. Comply with the Commonwealth Cleaning Services Guidelines that are in accordance to the Legislative Instruments Act 2003

5. Comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and shall be subjected to regular internal and external audits

General scope of work for cleaning consist of daily and periodic schedules:

Daily Schedule Periodic Schedule

Periodic cleaning of all interior and exterior surfaces of the station

Periodic cleaning of all restrooms

Thoroughly clean elevators

Clean, sweep on police patios, curbs, bus zones and sidewalks

Empty all trash bins on patios, walkways, bus/taxi zones and sidewalks

Monitor for and clean any wet spills throughout the day

Mop stairs

Clean escalator handrail, ledges and landings

Clean phones, parapets, ledges and water fountain area

Sweep and degum entrances, stairs and gutters

Clean dumpster area

Clean fare gates

Wet mop concourse and platform

Dust mop and degum concourse and platform

Weekly – Polishing floor of common areas by zone

Weekly – High dusting

Weekly – Stock taking of all cleaning supplies

Monthly – detail cleaning and polishing of all metal and glass

Bi-Annual – Carpet shampooing of all carpeted areas

In addition to the above scope, the team shall also carry out additional ad-hoc cleaning when required.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

The engineering team will provide in-house technicians (Building Management) to maintain the HVAC systems in the premise. Their scope shall include:

1. Fan Coil Units (FCU) as well as air ventilation systems in the premise will be maintained according to a monthly inspection schedule

2. All chiller as well as Air Handling Units (AHU) will be inspected according to a quarterly inspection schedule

3. The whole chiller system will be monitored daily through the Building Management System (BMS)


The engineering team will provide in-house technicians (Building Management) to maintain electrical systems in the premise. Their scope shall include:

1. All internal and external lightings as well as electrical outlets to be inspected daily and replaced when necessary

2. The PA systems and lightning protection will undergo a periodic maintenance schedule while the Low Voltage (LV) switchgears will be inspected and maintained yearly. This is to ensure that all emergency lightings, exit lights and doors are properly connected to the emergency power supplies to facilitate emergencies.

3. Based on the government requirement, a power shutdown will be required to be planned and executed every 2 to 3 years.

4. All lifts and escalators will undergo periodic maintenance schedules and the contractors will handle these equipment


The scope for landscaping would include weekly water and trimming of plants for both indoor and outdoor, bi-weekly potted plants replacements as well as monthly trimming of outdoor trees around the railway station.

Pest Control

The facilities operation will include monthly preventive maintenance for pest control. The pest control’s scope will consist of monthly drainage inspection and treatment as well as to place dry odourless chemicals at specific areas that will prevent pest infestations. They will target pests such as bees, wasps, hornets, rodents, ants, spiders, flies as well as cockroaches.

Health, Safety and Environment (EHS)

As for the Health, Safety and Environment section, their scope consists of:

1. Providing a security management team that provides patrolling and security services for both the internal as well as the external premises of the railway station while monitoring the premise through CCTV

2. Providing and maintaining of First Aid Services as well as First Aid Boxes at specific locations. A weekly inspection will be executed to ensure that first aid supplies in the box tally with first aid box checklist and check on expiry dates for some of the equipment

3. Ensuring all personnel onsite are properly equipped with serviceable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) as well as trained adequately with relevant skills to carry out the work.

4. Ensuring all safety documents are applied and submitted before commencement of any works in the premise. Main documents to be submitted are:

a) Permit-to-Work (PTW) or Work Clearance Forms

b) Risk Assessment (RA)

c) Method of Statement (MOS)

d) Safe Work Procedure (SWP)

e) Worker and machineries deployment list

f) Daily toolbox meeting minutes

g) Worker’s qualification certificates/cards

Fire Safety Management

The fire safety management team would carry out works according to their scope and that is to plan, prepare and execute the ERP for the railway station. The Fire Safety Manager (FSM) will be responsible to appoint qualified and competent fire wardens as well as store a data register of all the fire wardens appointed. The FSM will also be responsible to ensure the fire detection systems as well as extinguishing systems are in order within the premise. The systems consist of:

1. Automatic fire sprinklers

2. Manual call points

3. Smoke detectors

4. Fire alarm bell

5. Water hose reels

6. Fire extinguishers

In addition, all the above-mentioned systems will undergo a scheduled preventive maintenance that will be prepared by the FSM. The FSM will ensure all fire wardens are adequately trained in fire drills to better facilitate emergencies during a bi-annual fire drill that will be conducted.


The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in a company is used to indicate the performance of the company in managing all the operations that they are supposed to handle. This is to deliver the SLA of the maintenance works as well as customer’s satisfaction.


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