Factors Due to Which the Country is not Developing

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There are many reasons which stop the country in growing in all aspects. If small measures are taken to stop these factors, we can have a better country ahead. Few of the factors which stop the country from growing economically as well as in other terms are listed below:

Over Population

Over population is one of the major issues for the economic growth of the country. Due to over population it is difficult to manage the resources for the entire country’s population. There are issues when it comes to other factors like job opportunities and education. Due to over population most of the people find it difficult in finding a job. This is a drawback for the country’s growth. There are many who studies the reason behind this and find solutions for these problems. People usually go for the best online economic degrees to study regarding this issue.

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Illiteracy is another immense factor which stops or slowdowns the process of growth. As the population increases and there is no technological based development in the country that can lead the country to fall back in all aspects. Today the entire world lives according to the technology. Not knowing how the technology works cannot help us lead our lives. Even though not in technology aspects, education at least in its basic terms is necessary for a person to live their life. It’s only with education we can acquire few basic qualities like manners, discipline, punctuality, etc. and with these basic qualities we can become better humans and develop social relation relationships and connections which can develop the country as well.

Racial and Ethnic Values

Discrimination between races and castes and creating a difference between higher castes and lower castes can also be one of the factors which can hinder the growth of the nation. Making such differences and discriminations can lead to fights between different societies which can be a drawback for the country both economically as well as socially. This leads to wars where they destroy things and create heavy loss for both the countries. Apart from the loss after the wars, spending money for the weapons also leads to the economic destruction. Racism can stop the accused from their educational or other growth in their life. Racism can even lead people to become criminals, which again lead the country in loss.


Corruption by people can be in different terms. For example, business firms with their influence on the government staffs may pass the bill stating that their product is a high quality product and might charge more. There must be correct transaction of amount done without any alteration or corruption in the between. For this people who have good experience dealing with finance and are trustworthy must be appointed. People who are confident about getting this post go for a finance degree. They even look for the best online finance colleges so that they get a degree when they are already in some other post. It’s been high time that the government take measures to stop corruption.


Lack of job opportunities is one of the major issues in the list of factors hindering the growth of a country. There are many youngsters who pass out every year but find no jobs. This drops down the country economic and social status drastically. This can be cause for the increase in population of the country as well. Not having career opportunities can make them lazy and loose interest in their career. This leads them to loss of their interest in the work even if they find any in the future. Increasing job opportunities especially in the field of technology and research can help the country grow extremely high.

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