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Factors That Influence The Clinical Learning Experience Of Nursing Students At A Caribbean School Of Nursing

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Factors that Influence the Clinical Learning Experience of Nursing Students at a Caribbean School of Nursing is a descriptive and cross-sectional study. The author begins his article with a brief description of the effectiveness on clinical experience gained through a supportive clinical environment among nursing student from another study. Then, as the title of the article suggest, the researcher define the issue by exposing the discontent of nursing student who are the population that are being studied in their clinical rotations and what factors influences their learning behavior.

A description of the phenomena is stated in detail and is explain as follow: students are in a negative manner because they expect a positive clinical experience and want to be treated with individualism because not everyone has the same way of learning. Therefore, students expect from their preceptor support, make student feel that they are part of the team, and feedback that would make them feel comfortable enough and when making mistakes they can learn from them. Situations like this is what has led to students dropping out from their nursing programs because of negative experiences, lack of communication, understanding, low confidence levels, and teaching in only one manner cannot be adaptive nor applied by all students. A problem with communication such as negative feedback and not acknowledging the positive or productiveness the student has accomplished throughout their clinical time is an issue. Students would rather not interact with the facilitator when it comes to communication keeping their concerns, worries, not understanding something all to avoid negative feedback. They all have different strengths and weakness that are not being addressed by the facilitator. After all these said, the researcher makes this issue significant to nursing by gathering all the reasons why students drop out the nursing programs specially at this moment, when is not secret that there is shortage in nurses. The goal of the study aims to encourage nurse educators to develop appropriate teaching strategies for the clinical learning experience (Lawal, et al. 2016).

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The intervention used in this quantitative study is done through a cross sectional descriptive study design that collected data in a 30-item self-administered questionnaire to describe the student’s perceptions using mainly Likert-type with response options ranging from “Strongly Agree(1), “Agree (2), “No Opinion” (3), “Disagree” (4), and “Strongly Agree” (5) these type of question were clear and explicit as a result there was no complains or confusion reported. In addition, open-ended items regarding suggestions were asked and the instrument was reviewed by clinical specialist and 20 students not included in the study population. In which 299, undergraduate nursing students in year 2 and 3 at the urban Jamaica school of nursing who have satisfactorily completed a minimum of two clinical rotation were included. A sample size of 149, based on a 5% margin of error, confidence level of 95% and a response distribution of 50 % was calculated. The data analysis was analyzed by a software for statistical package for social science (SPSS). The significance for the result was identified as p < .05. The data collection methods are described in considerable detail as one would expect with a quantitative study. The quality of preceptorship (90%), staff in the clinical area (78.4%), followed by opportunities to learn (73.8%) were cited by the participants (n=112) as areas in the clinical environment that needed improvement.

The researcher used a validity as a quality of evidence among the variables that lead to congruent finding between the study and the results with the evidenced provided. The researcher also identified other problems such as: stress, financial concerns, and burnout. In which is suggested additional research to gain insight into the students learning experience to implement strategies and address these concerns that may result in negative consequences for the nursing profession. The students explained that when facilities are supportive in the clinical environment it causes less anxiety, increases confidence and will enhance learning. Time urgency is affecting the quality of learning having students rush to the work done and not fully complete or understand it in depth. Studies have shown that students learn better when they are approachable, supportive, and demonstrations are done in front of them following the student to perform it in front of the facilitator or staff. The outcome of this study shows the importance of the intrapersonal relationship between students, facilitators, and staff in order for learning in a clinical setting. Demonstrations are shown to be helpful as a way of teaching, communication between staff, facilitators, nursing students, are of great importance for the student. Nursing students that were taught by an approachable facilitator and staff treated with respect had more confidence in a clinical setting. They were excited to learn without anxiety having confidence if a situation in a clinical setting came up because their facilitator and staff are approachable and respectful.

The teaching methods of demonstrations help the students learn hands-on without feeling inadequate of their skills because they are reassured that this a learning site mistakes happen to support is a variable that goes hand and hand with the outcome of the nursing student. The way the Nursing student is taught and treated is a blueprint of how they will treat their patients and fellow staff members. Facilitator’s methods of training and being approachable will reflect on how well the nursing student will do on site and as a future Nurse. In conclusion, the researcher findings agreed that that positive influential and demonstration in clinical learning settings have a great impact in nursing student. Also, the importance of nursing educators to find new strategies for the betterment in the learning process and applying the theory into practice in the clinical areas. Is set into context for more research to be done, “clinical experience is an important aspect of nursing education as it is in the transformation of theoretical knowledge into practice” accordioning to (Killam, et al. 2015).


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