The Impacts of Books Being Replaced with Technology in Fahrenheit 451

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At first when I read the book I feel like it changed my perspective on a lot of things.With this book being so diverse it points to a lot of things that are extremely relatable in present day reality. Being that this book is around 50 years old it shows how things can carry over for years to come.

In this novel it talks about how books are no longer being used and burned and their usefulness, is going down due to easy access to the internet. This is something society can learn from by modern day where people can no longer look things up in a dictionary due to them being a slave to there tool. People have such easy access to the internet they would rather look it up than research this, it’s not saying the internet is such a bad thing just that people rely on it as a crutch instead of a a helping aid.

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Kindness and generosity is something important because in the beginning of the book he meets a girl by the name of Clarisse McClellan who points out in many details of how he should take time to enjoy the little things in life such as looking at the moon and smelling the leaves little things that people don’t appreciate.Society can and still does take notes on how to notice the little things. In prisons across the world people with life sentences although for having such a sentence you probably did not do any good but to survive you have to look at all of the little things in life. “Bet I know something else you don’t.There’s dew on the grass in the morning” Clarisse McClellan to guy montag.

Media and how it can be falsified , media can be falsified in many ways as shown in Fahrenheit 451 which could be loosely compared to North Korea how they think that they are living life but propaganda has become a lifestyle there. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 the common everyday people are relying on Television as their main source of knowledge where if I was a tv station I could feed you false info for your whole life and you wouldn't know any better. Even if everything I told you was a lie to only benefit me the power holder. Websites online are also easy prey to falsification Wikipedia for an example can be changed to Michael Jordan has a pet zombie. Which is false but if I told you that from when you were a baby you only knew that you would think that Michael Jordan has a pet zombie. In society now some old fashion teachers would rather have you work out of a textbook simply in the fact that book can be more reliable.

In conclusion Ray Bradbury brought across many points indirectly on how books are becoming obsolete and they need to be read and acquired more. People nowadays are losing vocabulary and other key things that you get from reading a book. I personally feel that guy montag played a big role in the book when he realized the power in books which is true. For example I’m a millionaire I can have anything I want but I lose everything what can he do now. Knowledge can never be stripped from you, if I tell you my secret recipe and don’t tell anyone else u can have that knowledge for life. So to finish this off get off your email and go and enjoy the little things in life like the sunset.

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