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Major Characters

The main characters in the book “Fairy Tale” are Mirajane Strauss, Gajeel Redfox, Lisanna Strauss, Elfman Strauss, Mirajane, Laxus Dreyar, and Caba Alberona.

Based on

The literary book “Fairy Tale” is based on Cottingley Fairies. The story follows two children living in England in 1917. They love taking photographs and coincidentally photographing a fairy. The photo becomes the first documented evidence of the existence of fairies.

  • Dragons are symbolic of wisdom and strength
  • Fairies symbolize innocence and carefree life
  • The forest is symbolic of calmness, nature, and maturity
  • Knights symbolize nobility
  • Princess symbolizes royalty, power, prestige, and wealth
  • The unicorn symbolizes purity, gentleness, and mythology

The stories in the “Fairy Tale” teach readers the strategies for dealing with conflicts. Relationships and desires positively. Gaining such skills can help people live a healthy life built on good beliefs, values, and future.


The main audience targeted by the “Fairy Tale” are the children. However, nearly every demographic love to learn about the fanciful and sometimes wonderous characters. Lucy is a 17-year-old girl.
She sets out on a journey and ends up becoming a mage. On her travels, she meets Natsu, another mage who’s seeking a dragon named Igneel. Lucy is abducted by Bora and she is destined to be sold as a slave.

Main Ideas

People tend to believe stories whose truth is based on lies. There is always a reward for generosity. Through love and hard work, people overcome all obstacles. Mercy and kindness are great weapons for overcoming evil.

Key Quotes
  • Cinderella: “You cannot command me to stop dreaming.”
  • Hiro Mashima “It is every fairy tale’s specialty to break things.”
  • Skull Duggery “As you say, I am a skeleton and have been that way for quite a while.”
  • Catherine: “Love was a magic fairy spell. It turned you into something different.”
Interesting facts
  • Initially, Natsu’s costume was to be red. However, it was hard to differentiate between the costume and fire. Eventually, he was given a black costume.
  • Initially, Lucy was supposed to use cards for her celestial spirits. The creator noted cards were closely resembling another anime. They settled for keys instead.
  • Mavis was male initially. Hiro later had a second thought and felt the name is used often by women more than men. His gender was swapped to a man.
Why should this topic be used?

As much as the “Fairy Tale” is supposed to entertain, it has several moral lessons for the audiences to learn. They learn about heroism, love, care, and being mindful of the environment.

Arguments for

Lucy is ambitious and will not stop at anything until she meets her desires. When she realizes she cannot join the wizards, she quickly gets an option and joins the gang of pirates operating under a devious magician.

Arguments against

The character Lucy doesn’t live to what she is expected to be. She should be a mage but she cannot use her powers. All that she can do is to use a set of keys to sermon some spirits that she sends to work for her. Beyond that, there is nothing else she does.
Natsu is brought up by a dragon who teaches him to kill dragons. It is ironic for a dragon to teach another creature the strategies of killing a dragon. The dragon would be endangering itself.

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