Fake News and Social Networking Sites

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This research work study of the legal provisions, judgements and laws enacted under different statutes regulate cybercrimes occurring on social networking websites. Even though it appears that social media has got the world closer, there is a flipside to it. Many offenders use this vulnerable means to commit offences related to computer, computer system or computer networks. On the using of internet to spread fake news and manipulate public opinion to serve various motives ranging from personal to communal and financial to political.

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Fake news has been become one of the most hotly-debated socio-political issue at present time. It also discusses the three legs of the fake news triangle with history and definition of fake news including its various synonymous: the services that enable them, their appearance on social media sites, and the motivations behind these activities. We elaborate several all aspect of social media crime / cybercrime which are going to more danger than traditional crime as Indian Penal Code at present scenario and discuss legal aspect and present situation about national and international cybersecurity law, policy, bills etc. Initially Internet is the technology for sharing the information related to the research and development. In the present, all over the world’ work has depended thereon internet alike communication over the Internet and via social media, interaction through social media over Internet, online purchasing, online banking, online bill payment etc. are becoming the necessities for among of us.

Now, physical crime has been shifted towards to cybercrime world. As with use of the Internet, social media, e-commerce, e-banking, e-portal//Apps for any purpose or facility there, cybercrimes are anticipated by Experts, hence there is a strong need to make the appropriate cyber laws to deal with these cybercrimes. In this paper, types of cybercrimes, Cyber Crime Preventive Measures, Mechanism to Report Cyber Crimes and Right Path for Sending the Blocking, Removal Request for Objectionable Content which is available over cyber space are discussed under the IT Act 2000 and amendment of 2008 of Indian Government.

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