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Fake news equal false or misleading information in the form of news. These appear for a variety of reasons. Some use fake news to damage the reputation of an entity ... or a person. Others do it to make money through advertising revenue, or to make their brand more popular than it is. False news are often used to damage the reputation of the competition, or simply because the person sharing them has limited or wrong information. Fake news have always been present in the world. Even so, the term was first used in the 1890s when misleading reports in newspapers became very common. Nowadays, disinformation and false information is more prominent than ever, especially online. There are many kinds of fake news, too. Sometimes, disinformation involves sharing false information with harmful intent, such as during elections. In other cases, people publish articles and use clickbait headlines to mislead the reader and convince them to open the page. At a time when the prevalence of news has increased tremendously thanks to technology and social media, students are often assigned essay questions about fake news. When you are assigned such a task, you need to discuss the different forms of it, present examples, and even speak of the damage these do on individuals, groups, and society in general. Nowadays, the misinformation shared on social platforms like Facebook or even on websites where people can say anything they want, is gradually seeping into the Internet world. Fake news can significantly reduce the impact of real news, and there are many situations where this is the case. Take for example, the top fake news stories shared on social media about presidential elections. Some receive more engagement on sites like Facebook than top stories from trusted media outlets. This has gone so far that politicians start blaming bad news about them describing them as fake or misleading. For example, the former US president Trump is credited with popularizing the term because he uses it to describe all negative press coverage of himself or his campaign. This is certainly one of the most disturbing trends on the Internet and the need to resolve it is imminent. That’s why many fake news essays are written on the topic. People are finding it harder to trust what they read online, and real and accurate information is really hard to detect these days. Fake news websites use false information to gain credibility and site visits, companies use fake information to get people to buy from them, and you can’t even trust reviews on many sites because they are often false. As a student, you might be assigned a task to write about fake news. Your job will be to research what this means, and perhaps focus on a single case where fake news had a big consequence. You might also compare different fake news, focus on the different types, or speak about the border at which fake news becomes illegal. The fake news essay examples you’ll find here will give you a peek into what you can write about. They include tips on how to avoid them or recognize them. Some will research the connection between social media and fake news, or the increase of fake news in the world compared to the past. In addition to this, you get free access to some great fake news essay title ideas that you can tweak and use for your paper.
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