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Family Dilemma Or Interesting Story in the Desert

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Once upon a time, there were three very successful brothers, all honored in their own right. The first brother was a brave firefighter, famous for the countless lives he’s saved. He’s in line to be one of the youngest fire chiefs in history, and has become quite a celebrity in his home city. The second brother, dedicated his time to becoming an athlete, making a name for himself as an olympic swimmer. He received sponsorships and clothing deals, and has recently been seen dating a popular singer. The third and by far the eldest brother, was known for his genius and success in business, and made a fortune buying and selling companies. He didn’t invent printer ink cartridges, but he owns the guy who did, so you do the math.

After many months of planning, the three brothers set flight for Egypt, along with an army of interpreters, archeologists, excavators, and crocodile tamers. The party was large but determined to locate the mythical building the brothers seeked.

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The group combed the desert through and through, looking for anysing of the supposed upside down pyramid. Many weeks passed by, and their finances and patience was running thin.

One evening, after a long and blistering day, the athlete decided to take a nice swim in the nile, not having trained since they started this journey. As the sun was beginning to set, the athlete plunged into the crystal water, feeling the strong flow of the river. As he bobbed down into the depths, the athlete couldn’t help but see the remaining sun catch light on a small golden corner on the side of the river.

The crew immediately begins excavating, sparing no expense to dig their find out as quickly as possible. Who knew the upside down pyramid was buried underneath their feet all this time. Soon, the party uncovered the majority of the pyramid, revealing that it only has three sides, unlike the traditional egyption pyramids. As they uncovered each side, they discovered a seperate entrance on each on, all covered in ancient hieroglyphs.

The translator dissected the first chamber door, making careful glances and marks on his notebook, calculating the true meaning of the symbols. Finally he described,

“Whoever enters this chamber will meet great riches, but will die a fiery death.”

The firefighter, eager to face this challenge, stepped forward, demanding the chamber door be opened.

The firefighter began walking down a long dusty corridor, covered in cobwebs and unlit torches every five feet. After what seemed like 5 minutes of walking, the brother finally approached a new chamber at the end of the tunnel, coming upon an early brightly lit room. Before the fear of why the torches were already lit was interrupted by an incredible sight. Hanging on the largest wall the firefighter had ever seen hung the most beautiful tapestry you could imagine. It looked as if it was made with miles of silk, having ruby and sapphire jewels woven over every inch of the cloth.

The brother turned back the way he came, excited to reveal his find to his siblings. As he attempted to calculate the worth of his discovery, he noticed the previously unlit torches were now on fire and blazing, bathing the corridor in light, reminding him of his fear from before. The firefighter began to pick up pace, but was shocked at how exhausted he was. He noticed the corridor was getting incredibly hot, and the torches were burning even bigger and hotter. The firefighter finally broke out into a sprint for the exit, feeling the heat burn his skin and suck the air out of his lungs. The hallway that felt like it went on forever now felt twice as long, and the firefighter feared he was going to die right here, right now. Just as the brother felt like he was about to fade out of consciousness, he burst through the chamberdoor to the outside, drenched in sweat, gasping for his life.

Unshaken from the experience, the crew circles the pyramid, approaching the second sealed chamber door. The translator again peers over the words on the door, reciting,

“Whoever enters this chamber will meet great riches, but will die a watery death.”

The athlete no knew it was his turn, making his way toward the pyramids entrance

The athlete walked down a long cobweb filled corridor, remembering the strange happenings that his younger brother described to him. Pretty soon the athlete approached a final chamber, and discovered a find that would rival his brothers. In the center of the room stood a huge jar, as tall as a grown man, filled to the top with gold coins and jewelry.

The second brother turned back the way he came, eager to upstage his brother with the riches his chamber. As he walked he noticed his shoes suddenly became heavier and ice cold. The tipped his flashlight down and began encountering huge puddles that he hadn’t noticed there before. Pretty soon, the water began rising at an alarming rate, reaching his waste before he knew it. Now panicking, the athlete began swimming for his life, not wanting to drown after making the discovery of the century. Right as the water reached the top of the corridor, the athlete burst through the outside chamber door, covered in sweat.

At last, the party approaches the final chamber, pushing the translator forward to do his job.

“Whoever enters this chamber will meet great riches, but will die a horrible death.”

The eldest brother finally stepped up, feeling that this last door was his destiny.

Exactly the same as the previous entrances, the eldest walked down a long dark passage, delving deep into the ancient construct.

The eldest sibling approached the final chamber, quivering with anticipation. The entrance was plated with gold, reaching into the chamber, covering the entire room. In the center lay an enormous sarcophagus, made of solid platinum and gold, studded with the finest gems a collector could ever hope for. The eldest’s torch made the surface of the coffin glow an incredible yellow, filling the room with artificial sunlight. The older siblings’ mind spun with the possibilities off its contents, perhaps holding some forgotten king or holy figure. The awe was interrupted however, by a sudden thudding noise, ominously emanating from the very feet of the coffin.

Cough drops, to stop your “coffin”


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