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Family Reunion is an American comedy TV series currently showing on Netflix. With an ensemble cast, Family Reunion was created by Meg DeLoatch and its first season premiered on 10th July 2019. The storyline follows a family of six who travels from Seattle, Washington to Columbus, Georgia for a family reunion and then decides to stay in Columbus, Georgia in order to be closer to their family and relatives.

While the series has garnered massive popularity among fans and lovers of the family sitcom, it has also won high praise from critics. As a result, Netflix announced the renewal of the series for a second season in September 2019. As fans are eagerly awaiting for the season which will start in January 2020, here are Family Reunion Cast and characters we would love to see in season 2.

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Tia stars as Cocoa, the McKellan family matriarch. She is the wife of Moz and a mother of four, who believes in new-age parenting. Fun-loving Cocoa gets a shock when her unconventional ways cause issues after she decides that her family which was born in Seattle should remain in Columbus. As a result, everything from her food to her children is criticized by Moz's church-going mum, who even tells her how to dress. Tia has been the force driving the show. Apart from the show, the actress has also starred in other successful TV sitcoms like Sister Siter, Instant Mom, and The Game.

Anthony portrays the role of Moz, a former tight end football player who decides to quit professional football so as to move back to his small hometown in Georgia with his wife, Cocoa and their four children. However, he discovers that it's not as easy as he thought it would. Before Family Reunion, Anthony has equally featured in other popular TV shows like NCIS, Raven's Home, and Modern Family, etc.

Jackson plays the role of Jade, the free-spirited and rebellious oldest daughter of Cocoa and Moz. Her role as one of the cast members of Family Reunion has helped boost Talia's acting career. Meanwhile, role as Jade happens to be her biggest acting role to date. She has also appeared on several Disney channel short videos and other TV shows like Station 19 and A Snow Globe Christmas.

Yet another newcomer and one of the cast members oof Family Reunion we wouldn't want to miss in the next season. Bailey plays the role of Shaka, Cocoa and Moz's older son. Prior to Family Reunion, the young star made his first film appearance in 2018, when he appeared in an episode of Criminal Minds. He has also appeared as a guest on Throwback Holiday, S.W.A.T. and Raven's Home.

Wright plays the role of Mazzi, the youngest of Cocoa and Moz's two sons. He is a newbie when it comes to acting and the show happens to be his first film appearance. Though he had previously had a film credit, nevertheless, it was a voice role in an episode of the kiddies animated series, Sofia the First. The young star has also been scheduled to appear in the upcoming Netflix feature film, Tall alongside Steve Zahn.

Jordyn plays as Ami McKellan the youngest of Moz and Cocoa's two daughters. Her character is someone that is very smart and outspoken. Beyond being a cast on Family Reunion, Jordyn has equally featured on TV shows like Five Points and Homecoming. She is equally popular following her appearance on the YouTube series, Kids React!.

Loretta Devine features as Moz's Deep Southern old-fashioned church-going mother. She is also the wife of Richard Roundtree, who plays as Moz's father. Asides the show, Loretta has also appeared in other TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy where she portrays the character of Adele Webber and Boston Public where she starred as Maria Hendricks.

Roundtree is also one of the Family Reunion cast members we would love to see in the next season. He plays as M'Dear's husband of 43 years and Moz's father who is also a pastor. Asides the show, Roundtree is best remembered for his role as private detective John Shaft in the 1971 movie, Shaft (as well as its sequels).

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