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Family Therapy In Transition: Choice Theory And Music

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Elijah Mickel and Christopher Mickel’s study was to find the relationship between choice theory and music. They have displayed that within each generation, music represents a spirit and a sense of style for that specific generation. Although, each generation tends to use the certain sounds from the previous generations, which is known as sampling, they can also create new genres such as Trap Music.

The research has shown that music influences sense of individuality within people as it reflects their behaviour and attitudes. For instance, rap music has been reflected to the rhythm of African and African-American communities. It has played a vital role in black people’s lives as a way to express themselves. Rap has become a universal language which connects many generations and brings forth influencers.

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Influencers such as Tupac Shakur have played both positive and negative roles within rap music. He had uplifted black people and made controversial statements, therefore changing rap music in a positive manner. However, this negatively impacted him as became like the rest of the rappers in the Rap Industry.

Choice theory was conducted, with the use of family therapists, in order to show the roles that families play when transmitting social-cultural values within the younger generation. Family therapists have used music, as it is an essential communication device in most environments. Therefore, the use of rap music is a vital component as it is known as a multi-musical form within the youth.

Study showed that children and teenagers listen to music more than any other demographic group. It shows that the average teenager from 7th-12th grade listen to genres, such as rock and rap, for 10500 hours (Introduced in the Serate as S.124). The role of a family therapist is to use choice theory, in order to determine the significance that music brings forth, and how listening to the beat and lyrics impact the quality world’s, which studies the external choices reflecting the internal components (Mickel 1995).

Elijah and Christopher Mickel’s study showed that music can affect choice theory within individuals. Music is universal and the main component in order to understand real-life choices in people, which is used to fulfill human desires and in order for people to express themselves, connect with others and is deemed therapeutic.


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