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Family Trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. Personal Reflection

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The First Roller Coaster

Coming into Virginia on our way to our yearly vacation, the rest of my family and I would spot license plates from different states and try to find all fifty. Forty-three was the record and was, in my opinion, pretty impressive. We continued to find West Virginia, Maryland, and finally Virginia. Between Busch Gardens, King’s Island, and Splash Lagoon, Virginia was made for their exciting rides. We saw a billboard for the Lochness Monster, a ride most people dread for years about even attempting to ride. My brother, Ben, would always try to start fights with me and decided that I was too chicken to ride on the beast that struck fear into so many people before. Just the name was enough to petrify me, especially since I was only in seventh grade. I proceeded, with stupidity, to accept the dare like it was no big deal. Little did I know the ride would have a double loop, going seventy-eight miles an hour and a 113 foot drop! This was the first time that I was thinking about forgetting about the ride and not going on it. However, the code of brotherhood is to never ever back out of a dare.

Once we arrived at our destination in Williamsburg, Virginia, we settled into our resort. I was in awe of the waterfall next to the resort, as well as the massive swimming pool. It was as if the legendary Gardens of Eden came down and landed on the sides of all the buildings. There were beautiful plants after plant lined up everywhere you walked. It was very simply the most beautiful resort I had even seen. Naturally, when anything is looking good for me, something has to drag my happiness back down. I looked through the pamphlets at the welcome area, and there was a giant poster of the Lochness Monster. It had a picture of a grown man screaming his lungs out. I almost cried when I saw it, but I couldn’t because my brother was there. The second code of brotherhood is never cry, no matter what happens.

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After a long day of unpacking, and even longer night thinking about what was going to happen at the park the next day, we arrived at the park at ten the next morning. The line just to get in was ridiculous but it moved pretty swiftly. Of course, it cost two million dollars just to park, but I didn’t have to pay for it so I was okay with it. When we got into the park, we walked around for a bit, all the while I looked above the trees and couldn’t find the coaster. I looked all around above the trees, but I could not see the coaster. I was thankful I couldn’t see it, but I kind of wanted to know what I was getting myself into.

We went on “The Battering Ram”, which was a water rapids boat ride. It was fun because it was a faster water ride. The entire time we were on it, I thought about the Lochness Monster. I thought about how I have to prove my brother wrong, even if I knew I was going to die on the ride. I just kept thinking that it couldn’t be that bad if my brother would go on it. I was wondering if he was as scared as me, because he sure didn’t seem it. I knew I was going to go on it, but I knew that I didn’t want to look scared to my brother. That was my biggest problem. I couldn’t let the enemy know I was terrified. It’s like playing chess and letting the opponent know exactly what you are going to do next.

We walked over toward the ride and saw the line. It said the average wait was approximately seventy minutes. I knew that the wait was going to feel shorter because I didn’t want to go on the ride. I saw the top of the hill and screamed in my head. I heard the clicking of the rails as it went up the eighty-five degree hill. When it reached the top people started to scream as loud as their lungs allowed, but all I heard was the laughing of the monster sitting on top of the coaster, awaiting my arrival. The line grew shorter and shorter over time and I started to feel the anxiety. I knew my brother was scared too because I saw him keep looking up at the top of the hill. I asked him “You scared yet?” “Hell no. I ain’t no chicken like you” was his reply.

We got to within ten people of the loading area and I really started to feel the pressure. I had to ride now; otherwise I would be the laughing stock of the entire family. The next line of victims got into the cars and waited for their doom to begin. We got to the last two people and determined that we would be first in line. “We’re taking the front seat, right?” said my brother, trembling on the words. “Yup”, I replied. I saw the empty car coming towards us and I wanted to run away, but my feet were implanted into the ground. The loud clank sounded and the straps were released. We walked over toward the car and sat down in the seats, pulled down the bars, and strapped ourselves into the car. I double and triple checked that the bar wouldn’t open on me.

“Last call to get off!” yelled the attendant. I screamed “I want off! Now!” but my mouth never opened. I just sat there, knowing I was going to die. The car started moving around the corner and I saw the hill. There was the monster, laughing, mocking me. We moved up the hill slowly. By the time we reached the top, I nearly had a heart attack. We started to face down toward the ground and I couldn’t believe the view. It was spectacular. Then reality hit me. I realized I was about to go seventy eight miles an hour straight towards the ground. Everyone told me to scream because it will make my stomach feel better, but wait, my brother was here. I couldn’t scream. He would think I was scared. We stopped on the top of the hill. I could feel the blood rushing to my head. I forgot this was part of the ride; it will just stop and then go really fast at a random time. It felt like twenty minutes. Then it released. The wind zoomed past my head and it was actually…fun! Everybody screamed and I put my hands up in the air. I loved the feeling of no gravity.

We went through the first loop and I saw the trees fly past me. I watched as my brother was crunched into a small little ball, scared! I was so excited to see that. I yelled at the top of my lungs “Yeah, buddy”, knowing that I had officially conquered my first roller coaster, The Lochness Monster.


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