Family Vacation at the Oregon Coast

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We have only one life and we need to make it beautiful and comfortable. We should create a balance between work and relaxation. Spending more time on any of this thing is not a wise decision. A vacation can work like a cure which will take a few days to remove all your mental pressure. We need to find out free time for ourselves and our families. It is a must that we need to take a break for a while to reduce the monotony of work. A beach vacation can give you a feeling of living into the nature listening the sound of the sea. Spending some times with your beloved person at the beach will surely trigger your inner happiness.

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A few months ago, I found out that I was just tired of working continuously. I decided to take a short trip to the Manzanita Oregon to spend a beach vacation with my family. I selected this place because there are many beautiful beaches and other interesting places to visit and explore. First, we went to Manzanita beach and stayed at the Manzanita vacation rentals. That place was totally perfect for us as this place was kids friendly. The service of the rentals made us thinking that we were staying at home.

We decided to move to Astoria Oregon from there in the next day as one of my friends told me about things to do in Astoria Oregon. We were so excited to visit the place staying there. So, I booked rooms at the astoria vacation rentals through airbnb Astoria before going there. This online booking service is very helpful when are looking for a place to stay in Astoria Oregon. We made tour in the ships by getting tickets. The trip was fantastic that hard to explain as the distance from Portland to Astoria is only 97 miles. We Rode tall ships like Johnny Depp young can be possible in Astoria Oregon though Astoria Weather was Terrific for a Ride in a Tall Ship. We experienced of the pirates of the Caribbean Journey that can be one of the best things we got in Astoria Oregon. Moreover, the Astoria Riverwalk Inn is utterly a perfect place for romantic getaways on the Oregon coast.

We did not miss the chance of visiting Tillamook cheese factory which was a place that was worth visiting. My kids were so excited about Tillamook cheese factory tour after hearing about this factory. It’s also a new experience for me to do a Tillamook factory tour. During this tour we were able to see all the activities of the factory. We were amazed to see how this famous Tillamook cheese is made. They offer a limited Tillamook ice cream only to the visitors and we were glad to taste that. This tour was guided so that we could see all the process of making cheese and even sample yummy Tillamook cheese.

That was an amazing vacation that helped me refresh my mind and enjoy those precious moments with my family.

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