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Famous Interior Designers in Delhi

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All of us dream of building or buying our own house once in a lifetime. Millions of people struggle day and night to make this dream a reality. Once you achieve your dream of getting the house the process doesn’t end there. In fact, the real work begins of decorating the house as per your needs and satisfaction. For this purpose, you need to take into account various things starting from choosing a design and patterns to using different colours and correct shade at the correct place and interlinking different pieces adequately. The work continues, with selecting the perfect wardrobes for your bedroom, furniture’s for the living room, faucets and fixtures for the bathroom, kitchen and so on. After spending a considerable amount on purchasing the house, you would definitely want it took look awesome without distressing your work, vacation or budget. For this purpose, we have shortlisted five famous interior decorators in Delhi/NCR to ease your task and execute your visions with their innovative knowledge in the best possible manner.

  1. Payal Kapoor
  2. From designing private residences to embassy guest house to the heritage hotels and the interior of Palace on Wheels, Payal Kapoor’s golden touch can be seen in most of the places in and around the capital city. Being an expert in decorating residences, they claim to make your dream home a reality effortlessly. It was in 1991 that she launched ‘Visions’ to institutionalise her creativity. At Vision, the emphasis is given on high-quality interiors at a reasonable cost for the clients. They are a group of certified and trained interior decorators with a good track record. Their team of designers and architects follow step by step procedure, commencing with meeting the clients personally and understand their prerequisites as well as the budget. It is only after in-depth analysis that they begin with any project. Once they lay their hands on a project, they review and check each and every step before the final outlay. The fact that the team is technologically adept in dealing with a variety of projects gives them an edge over other professional decorators. Most of the lush residences, apartments, offices, institutes and other places have been either designed or renovated under the supervision of Payal Kapoor. If you want your fantasy land to come alive, she would be the best person to contact.

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  3. Monica Khanna Designs
  4. A believer of elegance and timeless styled and a resister of trends, Monica Khanna is usually known for her unique décor with a blend of minimalism and functionalism. Having designed the lavish interiors of the Palace on Wheels and the Royal Orient, gave her prominent recognition and lot of awards. Her portfolio also won the Best of Houzz 2018-design. She has worked on projects like Rajasthan Tourism, Gujarat Tourism, Royal Orchid hotels along with resorts and hotels, individual and industrialist residences. She is not only the principal designer of MKD but also the curator for The Delhi Design Store. She is an expert in crafting intelligent and sustainable and houses for her clients. Her team vaunts of both traditional and modern designs, depending on the preference of the client. They prefer designing homes around the client so that it defines their worldview. For this purpose, they place the sensibilities and necessities of the clients as the linchpin when designing their interiors. If you are searching for stunning, nature-friendly yet simple living space around then interior designer Monica Khanna is the idle choice.

  5. Shruti Sodhi
  6. Shruti Sodhi is an exemplary interior designer who promises to curate a home which is more than a living space and no less than a picture-perfect welcoming house. Be it designing a new house or renovating an existing house, office or hotels she can easily create a soothing and convenient environment by blending unique colours and textures. Her team of designers strike to achieve a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics by focusing on creating intelligent designs along with practical space management methods. She and her team create artworks out of space with an eye for quality living and love for beautiful things. Some of her prestigious projects have been with Epok Realtors, Horizon Builders, India Leasing Company among others.

  7. Sanjiv Malhan
  8. A renowned architect trained from Australia, Sanjiv Malhan offers contemporary solutions, to decorate the interiors of your house, office or hotels in New Delhi. With his timeless and magical architectural designs combined with his distinct creativity, he can transform any ordinary living space into something extraordinary. Office for International Architecture (OFIA) in New Delhi is the creation of Sanjiv Malhan to provide luxurious and smart interior designs for both national and international clients. Sanjiv and his team have a great passion for creative works and they are able to both design and strategize for their clients. They are an expert in creating entertainment spaces ranging from personal home theatres to commercial restaurants.

  9. Karma interiors
  10. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, supervising more than 200 projects and ensuring 100 % customer satisfaction, Karma Interiors is a leading interior designing firms for both residential and commercial purpose, in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. Being a “full-service interior design firm”, they focus on high quality, exclusive, opulent and inexpensive interior designs. Their four-step work procedure begins with meeting the client, then planning the space and creating the concept, followed by designing the developments and finally building and installing the concept in time. The passionate team of designers are driven by the idea of “creativity, originality, consideration and enthusiasm. ” They focus on providing personalised designs that are not only marvellous, chic and subtle but at the same time reflects and enriches the lives of their client. Your need for a “visually powerful, intellectually elegant” and timeless interior solutions can come to end by approaching Karma Interiors.


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