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In the history of the world, there had been many entrepreneurs or inventors, but no other case than individuals that created renovations items such as the I-pod, I-phone, and I-pad and earned astronomical amounts of profits. Many people think Steve Jobs was creative and genius and talented. However, I believe the things that he did in his life led to his success. Steve Jobs is a famous person who inspires me.

First and foremost, the substantial key to understanding Jobs’ fact is that he did not take formal education because Jobs thought the school did not yield many benefits for him to climb the ladder of success. Job’s youth was riddled with frustrations over formal schooling. At Monta Loma Elementary school in Mountain View, he frequently played pranks on others. The structured system, standardized tests, and daily routines were not suitable for him. Since he was coerced to go to school and learn concepts and subjects that did not interest him, he did not obtain high grades. Following high school graduation in 1972, Jobs enrolled at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Jobs dropped out of college after six months. Instead of attending college, personal discipline caused Jobs to become an avid business leader. Jobs spent the next 18 months dropping in on creative classes. Although formal education can encourage business leaders to think beyond boundaries, formal education hampers the free flow of Job’s minds and spirits. Were it not for taking formal schooling, Jobs would not be the greatest leader in the world. What I mean is that Jobs was not an intelligent person, but some events made him become a second to none leader around the world

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Besides, the second significant key to understanding Jobs’ facts is that he accomplishes more by being readily influenced by the shift in popular opinion. In the advent of the 2000s, Apple was very famous for many of its products. During this time, there were changes in popular opinion as flip phones paled in comparison with smartphones. Other phone companies such as MOTOROLA and NOKIA and their leaders continued to focus on flip phones. Nevertheless, Steve Jobs was listened to citizens’ opinions and affected by the shifts in public opinion. To satisfy people, Jobs emphasized the vital role of aesthetics. He designed a smartphone by focusing on its unique design and various application. Because Jobs was quickly influenced by shifts in popular opinion, the Apple company increased its sales and propelled Apple to become the world’s most valuable publicly-traded company in 2011. Thus, were it not for listening to public opinion and interest, people worldwide would not lionize Jobs. It means Jobs was not a talented person, but several things made him become a success.

Lastly, the core key to understanding Jobs’ life is that he went the extra mile in becoming a jack-of-all-trades and becoming knowledgeable in all fields if possible. Jobs made Apple smartphones with function, design, aesthetics, applications, and internet services. Because he had a myriad of knowledge in many fields such as philosophy and calligraphy, he could make a unique smartphone. He was interested in not only Eastern mysticism but also auditing class and calligraphy. The job was taking freshman class at Stanford and working on a Homestead underground film project. He was able to embrace a variety of fields and studies and participate in many projects. After dropping out of college, Jobs dropped in on creative classes including a calligraphy course. “Due to calligraphy, the Mac would have multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts,” he said. Thus, if he did not take a calligraphy class, he would not develop I-phone. Even if Jobs developed I-phone, this smartphone would be the same as other cellphones. It means he was not a creative person, but several events made him become the best worldwide entrepreneur.

In conclusion, without those events such as dropping out of formal education, listening to customers’ voices, and taking calligraphy, Jobs would not create a revolutionary phone and I-phone. Therefore, I believe, Jobs’ personality such as creativity and boldness did not make him successful, whereas his experience made him become a successful business leader in the world. That’s why Steve Jobs is a famous person who inspires me.

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