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Famous Singers with Unique Fashion Style

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Rihanna, the Barbarian singer is one of the top singers in music industry right now. She is a risk taker not only in creating her songs but also her fashion style speaks of creativity and uniqueness she brings on screen. Rihanna is known for her sartorial dressing carrying the looks of a street girl to the hot look of a bad girl. Her pink fur dress, the chaps-style special edition Manola boots and last but not least the Omelette dress designed by Chinese designer, worn by her in Met Gala 2015 have given fashion industry some major goals. She has been making waves in fashion industry by her iconic style statements. She has emerged as an edgy and innovative style icon in fashion industry in recent years.

Beyonce is another leading American singer with amazing fashion sense. She is not afraid of making her wardrobe pop with splash of vibrant colors. Even during the days of her pregnancy, she did not take a step back from making fashion statements. Whether it is wearing stilettos while carrying twins or it is the Grammy Gold dress that she wore on Grammy Awards looking like a goddess and slaying it completely, she has definitely made some best choices in fashion.

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Lady Gaga is a renowned singer who is not only well known for her music but she has created a boom in fashion industry as a style icon too. All the famous designers like Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld and Nicola Formichetti have created exclusive outfits for Lady Gaga. She loves to work with new designers like McQueen or Saint Laurent to adopt a unique style statement among other singers. This pop star has the ability to turn anything into an outfit from raw meat to mermaid tails; Lady Gage’s unusual outfits run the catalogue from elegance to unappealing dresses within a day. She has always brought a new change in fashion, music and art. She has been acclaimed as fashionista as nobody else can carry a hot dress as street wear with high heels. Usually her fans consider her fashion sense somehow weird but still, she has her unique red carpet style statements like the red lace of her Bad Romance era or the 2010 video music award meat dress. All these things show her courage to carry a unique dress in public.

Shakira is a well-known Columbian singer, songwriter, dancer and also a style icon too. She has given a new direction to fashion style as she carries different hats with a unique look. She is always ready to take fashion risks, whether it is her signature curls or her fusion outfits, mixture of classic and trendy. Nobody can forget that hip scarf which is another signature style statement of hers in fashion industry.

Madonna’s fashion sense and best choice in dressing has always kept industry on its toes. She has never seized to amaze audience with her unique looks. She has always been transforming her looks from full black hair to peroxide blonde. Many women may shy away from wearing nothing by leotard in their fifties but Madonna does not.


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