Farewell to Manzanar: World War Decisions

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Farewell to Manzanar: World War Decisions

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Houston’s and Takei’s Reaction to their Parent’s Decisions when World War began the government ordered 120,000 Japanese Americans to abandoned their homes. They were forced to move into internment camps where they were told “we will protect you “. The government made the interns sign a paper to show their loyalty to the country . This was a very controversial topic within the camps. In Farewell to Manzanar and the interview of George Takei, Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and George Takei share their experiences in the camp during that time. 

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Both Houston and Takei were confused and angry by their parents decisions regarding the Loyalty Oath, however, their parent’s decisions affected them differently and changed the way they viewed their experiences in the internment camps. Takei was a young boy when the government ordered the Japanese to go to the internment camps. Takei and his family were stationed in a camp in Arkansas. The government made every adult fill out a Loyalty Oath form that showed if they were with or against the U.S . There was two key questions that the U.S was looking for. 

One of the question is #27, “would you bear hands on being willing to serve in the U.S military wherever ordered?” ,and #28, would you swear your loyalty to the U.S?” Takei’s parents chose “NO,NO” on these questions because they had pride and did not want the government to take their dignity. This caused Takei and his family to be transferred to Luke, another camp in the northern California known for it’s bad conditions. Because of his parents decisions Takei learned that you should stick up for what you believe in no matter what the consequences might be. 

Houston was 7 years old when her family was stationed in Manzanar an internment camp located in California. Houston’s family were given the Loyalty Oath form were they were asked two important questions which basically asked “If they were loyal to the U.S ?” Houston’s father was unsure on whether he should choose “NO,NO” or “YES,YES”. 

In fear of deportation Houston’s family chose “YES,YES”. This invoked Houston’s family to stay in Manzanar to prevent things from getting complicated like getting transferred to another camp. Houston acknowledge that it is better to always go along with what everyone goes with so there is not consequences . Takei and Houston had similar responses to their parents decisions regarding the Loyalty Oath. They were both confused because they were too young to understand what was going on around them. They both had to try to understand the situation they found themselves in. 

Taken and Houston were angry on the way they were viewed and treated because of the way they looked and it came to the point where they were called “enemy non alien ” just because they looked like the enemies .Both experience their freedom being stripped away and harsh treatments in the internment camps and that made them feel angry. Finally, Takei and Houston reacted differently to their family’s choice ,although they both felt confused and angry. 

Takei’s parents responded to the Loyalty Oath form with a “NO,NO” and it brought consequences like getting transferred to northern California .In the other hand Houston’s parents responded to the Loyalty Oath form with a “YES,YES “ and everything stayed the same and there was no consequences towards it . Although Takei’s and Houston were both too young to understand everything that was going on around them , they were affected in one way or another.

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