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Fashionvalvet – First Multi-Label E-Commerce Site In Malaysia

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FashionValvet was founded by Vivy Yusof and her husband, Fadza. Both of them only 23 years old when their first retail shop opened in November 2010. The shop located at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Actually, Vivy came out the idea to open an online site when she and her husband was studied in the United Kingdom. They found that online shopping was really made their life easier as everything that they wanted to buy, they can get by the click of a button. However, e-commerce industry was not on trend in Malaysia at that time. They had wearied the routine that driving shop by shop, stuck in traffic jam when have a shopping trip after they came back from UK.

So here came the idea, they wanted to fill the blank. Vivy and her husband started looking for local designer and corporate with them. Then, FashionValet was born and it became Malaysian first multi-label e-commerce site and also as a platform to promote Malaysian designer. They also found out that most of Malaysia’s homegrown designers were facing the same problem which were to build a solid customer base as their designs were hard to reach the mass market. Not only that, they aimed to encourage Malaysia’s consumer to shop online which means that the consumer can buy and get what they want with just click a button. It is due to people nowadays are too busy and have no time to go to physical shop to buy FashionValet is an online fashion retailer which are selling ladies’ garment, handbags and accessories which designed by the best of local brands and designers. It only had 10 brands that time but now FashionValet is a multi-million company and it have more than 400 brands,

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Not only that, it is one of Asia’s leading multi-label online fashion store which carries various of Malaysian and also Asian designers’ brands such as MEL & MOOLY, Basics, dUCk and so on. They also provide worldwide shipping services to the customer. Their targeting more premium customers which have a high expectation to the quality of products and willing to buy a higher price product. It is because FashionValet overall price is quite high. To make sure their product’s quality, they had set up a specific group to monitor the production. Over the years, FashionValet now not only have corporation with Malaysian designers. They had collaborated with Nora Danish who is Malaysian celebrity.


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