Favorite Food and the Habit of Eating While Watching Tv

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Action, drama, romance, comedy, science fiction all of these are genres of movies. There are all kinds and all of us people had probably watched one. Movie is an art, through moving pictures. It has its own language of presenting a meaning. Language has its natural characteristics that made it different from written language (Grevstad, 2009). Or it simply means it has its unique way of telling a story. Movies had been in our life a long time and we use it as a source of entertainment. Whether we feel sad, gloomy or happy it has an impact on our lives when we watch, it seems like it made us see the world a new way. Same goes with food it has it same form and language that makes it similar to movies. Where the texture of the food takes us to a different world, or the food made us feel or remember something that we want to when eating these. Both have its difference but it has one thing in common, feelings. The feeling when you watch a movie, the feeling when you eat your favorite food. They both have its own style on how to deliver it. That’s why when we combine these two we feel satisfied and contented. In this paper I will answer why people like to eat while watching a movie. In addition, I will give arguments and two major objections in order to seek for the answers for this question.

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Eating while watching is a habit. Having a meal with family at the dining table is a tradition. But nowadays because of change in time and our lifestyle, having a meal is now like a practice and a thing that we do when we watch. It is bad habit and will cause complications especially to our lifestyle and can result to lower our metabolic rate, distraction because the brain supposed to focus on watching so it sends out the wrong signals, eating unhealthy foods because we are not concerned of what we eat when we’re watching so we tend to eat junk foods. (Why you should not watch television while eating, 2018). However there are still people that doesn’t eat while watching, for them eating while watching causes to weight gain which is somehow true. According to E. Robinson, P. Aveyard, (2013) people who eat distracted by a laptop or television are most likely to eat more, could not remember what they ate and doesn’t feel full. When you are mindful of what you are eat you are aware of what you put in your mouth which will be more likely realize that you are already full.

Multitasking. An ability to do things at the same time. When you multitask you can do thing fast, you can save time and be productive. For example you eat in from of your laptop when you work or driving while you talk to someone. Eating while watching is also multitasking. People do this because they lack time of doing one thing so they do things both. When you are eating but you’re bored because you don’t have anyone to talk to you watch tv or use phone. And sometimes people who are eating using their phones are using it connect to other people or their loved ones. Or people are just simply hungry so they bring their food when they watch, they enjoy the food better when they have something to watch.

On the other hand multitasking has also bad effects on us. It may lead to memory impairment because the brain cannot handle too much information and cannot distinguish what is important or not. Increase stress levels people feel pressure when they do things at the same time (Deeb, 2017). According to N. Napier Ph.D. (2014) the brain doesn’t t really do things simultaneously, the brain functions one at a time it’s just that we switch task quickly. So we assume that we are multitasking, but it’s really time consuming and less efficient.

Popcorn is a simple and practical food. The most favorite food when we go at the movies is no other than, popcorn. It the best snack that you can eat at the movies. According a survey conducted in North America by R. Goble. 85 percent of moviegoers buys popcorn and soda. It’s like a traditional food that we eat when we go to the movies. It’s such a favorite to the point that Americans celebrate national popcorn day. But before popcorn was sold in movie theaters it was already a popular food sold at circuses, fairs and on the streets. In 1927 cinema is already available to all people and they want to bring snacks with them. This made the street vendors sell popcorn outside the cinema, and not long the cinema owners saw it a business opportunity so they start selling popcorn. People enjoyed eating it because it’s a simple and a practical food that doesn’t distract you from watching. (“Why do we eat popcorn at the cinema,” 2018). In contrary popcorn isn’t just the food that you can eat while watching sometimes people favorite may change depending of their culture or beliefs. In some other countries like in Hongkong they eat dried fish balls, in Korea they eat dried cuttle fish, and in Columbia they eat dried ants (E. Saatela, 2015). It’s interesting because they have this rich culture that makes them different from the other countries. Even though some are influence by others it makes you proud that you have your own.   

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