Favorite Food of Mine and Its Relation to Well-Being

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Belief is the state of the mind in which an individual has as true the knowledge or experience he has about an event or thing; when objectified, the content of the belief contains a logical proposition, and can be expressed by a linguistic statement as affirmation. Food is everything that we ingest to survive, as do all living beings. It is what provides our body with vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fat, etc., not all in the same proportion.

The food chain or food chain indicates the food relations between producers, consumers and decomposers. In other words, the chain reflects who eats whom (a living being feeds on the one who precedes it in the chain and, at the same time, is eaten by the one who follows it). The food pyramid or also called nutritional pyramid, is a graphic reference of the number of different food groups that we must consume daily to keep us healthy. The food pyramid has four groups. The first group are the fats. The second is has dairy, meat or protein and legumes. The third it’s of the fruits and vegetables and the last one is of the carbohydrates, roots, cereals and tuberus.

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There is also the circle chart of food. It is divided in many pieces. It was criated in the 1977. The chart shows the proportion of a meal. People go on a diet for many different reasons. Some people are overweight, not healthy and need to pay more attention to their eating habits and physical exercise. Other people play sports and want to be in the best physical condition. Others think they would look better if they lost a few pounds or a few kilos. Many people feel pressured to lose weight and try different types of diets. But, if you really need to lose weight, changing your rotine diet and physical exercise will help you more than any diet.

Muslims cannot eat haram food. The word haram means what Muslims can’t do. An example of haram food is pork meat because in Islam the animal pig cannot be touched and eaten because it is impure. Carnivore animals are haram. Hindu (the religion of India) people cannot eat cow meat because the animal cow is sacred in India. I really like meat but my favorite food is pizza. My friend also cooks good. I like his food. Indian food is also really good. It has a lot of spices and and good taste.

The thought of rising sea levels and more intense heatwaves are enough to keep you up at night. But while we all know the situation is getting more serious, most of us are preoccupied with work, doctor’s appointments and paying bills – and these immediate, visceral worries win every time. Some people cringe at the sight of cockroaches, while others enjoy eating cockroaches as an appetizer. Most of us here in the United States aren't entomologists or people who eat bugs, but we can certainly appreciate the many different cultures that do embrace insects in their cuisine.

Personal Health is the ability to take charge of your health by making conscious decisions to be healthy. It not only refers to the physical well being of an individual but it also comprises the wellness of emotional, intellect, social, economical, spiritual and other areas of life. 

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