Fdr Managed to Put the Base of the Remarkable Nation that USA is Today

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How did Franklin D. Roosevelt help to shape American culture and society into the nation the United States became by the new millennium?

The United States of America solely dominated much of the era of the 20th century compared to other nations in that it made remarkable achievements that made it become a major influence to the entire world. For instance, in the 20th century that the United States came into wealth, power as well as world influence quite first as a result of the Union states that had a lot of wrangles in the 1860s. As a result, most historians labeled 20th century the “American Century” because of the greater achievements the United States had made by then. However, all the success, power, world influence and wealth America had gained was as a result of President Franklin D. Roosevelt influence and actions during his 12 years tenure as the president. During his tenure, he was able to pull the United States or America from the edge of social, economic as well as political disaster and developed a foundation where the future and current America could enjoy stability and prosperity. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was able to shape the American culture and society in that he transformed the federal government to assume more powerful and new roles in regards to the economy of the nation, the health and corporate life, welfare and the well-being of the people of America.

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After the World War I the economy of America was left in the worst situation where millions of people were homeless and barely had sufficient resources to feed themselves. During this period, the confidence of the people of American began to weaken as a result of the depression. In 1932, the American people were hungry for change and needed a new leader with whom they elected Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1935, the federal government provided a guarantee for a collective bargain and right to organize by the unions as well as the “Fair Labor Statistics Act of 1938” which created a strategy for removal of under wages and introducing working hours that is still an effective policy to date. Also, under Franklin D. Roosevelt, the federal government was able to provide both financial aid and food to the unemployed, feeble and the aged in situations where they could not provide for themselves. In early 1933, the Franklin D. Roosevelt’s federal government assisted rural and agricultural development in America with programs for development and price supports in times when these sectors were on the verge of collapsing. Another contribution that Franklin D. Roosevelt brought in his tenure that helped shape American culture and society by the 20th century and to date is that after the year 1937, his federal government accepted the activist fiscal policy. As a result, the government began its duty to eliminating the issues that were hindering the prosperity of the American economy.

The major changes in the American history were the New Deal that was introduced by the President Franklin D. Roosevelt which constituted of three objectives: recover America from the depression, relief of the depression victims, and transformation of the American economic system (Florio 6). A lot of reforms regarding new legislations transpired that lead to improvement of the conditions of the Americans. For example, by 1935, the unemployed people in America had dropped by 2 million despite the fact that at least 9 million people were still jobless. The lives of American improved particularly in the agricultural sector in which policies to ensure that the prices of agricultural products were high with the aim of raising the income of farmers.

Another way in which Franklin D. Roosevelt shaped the society as well as the culture of America is the development of the nuclear bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the World War II 1945 (Bernstein 32). Franklin D. Roosevelt was forced into the war by Germany and Japan and as a result, he authorized the research on the feasibility of the usage of the nuclear fission. The decisions to begin the production of the nuclear bomb was a major step towards victory for the Americans with the consideration that they would act before the Germans. The bombing of the two cities of Japan that were believed to have political significance as well as an important industrial center and port city. As a result, the Japanese nation surrendered, and the war was over. The Victory left the United States of America as the full, supreme power.

Also, Franklin D. Roosevelt shaped the presidency of America via the “fireside chats” he passed to the American through radio technologies which resulted in a stronger bond between the public and the president. Thus, this shaped the figure of the president as the caretaker of the people of America. As a result, the duties of the president grew to include both policy implementation (chief executive) and policy drafting (chief legislator). In addition, Franklin D. Roosevelt ensured that there was a greater capacity for new responsibilities to be introduced for the presidency.

Thus, it is evident that Franklin Delano Roosevelt during his tenure as the president of the United States of America significantly influenced as well as shaped the culture and the society of America into the nation that it was by the 2000 millennium. It accrued through his three initial objectives that include: recover, relief, and reform. Also, the victory in the Europe brought a major impact in shaping the American society and culture.

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