Fear of Racial Discrimination: the Doubts before Studying Abroad

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According to the researchers from the Australian National University and Western Sydney University surveys, 40% of students in every year reported experiencing racial discrimination. Among them especially targeted to most of international students, who are chosen to face racism and bullying while studying abroad. Due to the study, over 4,600 primary and secondary students at government schools in New South Wales, Victoria and Australia had experienced of racial discrimination in schools by their peers. Students from non-Anglo or European backgrounds suffered from racial discrimination in wider society and among them 40 % of students are those attending in years five to nine. No doubts that many students are wholeheartedly feeling that they will eventually lose their ambitions and dreams due to fear of racism discrimination can be occured every corners of their surviving during studying abroad.

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For example, in some countries, the racism discrimination can be education and there is a story about a black girl called Olivia McDowell. She is from Shaker Height High School and was 16 years old. Shaker Heights High School is a public high school located in Shaker Heights, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. The high school is the only public high school in the Shaker Heights City School District, which serves Shaker Heights and a small part of Cleveland. And this place is the real navigation of complex issues of races in America. At that time, many school districts remain deeply segregated and racial issues are raw in many systems. However, Shaker Heights let kids of different races living together in the same building but did not give the same meaning as producing equal outcomes.

At that time, Olivia was having a difficult time due to tough life she was handling as one of the few black kids and also difficulties in her Advanced Placement English. And her veteran AP English teacher, Mrs. Jody Podl, was not very much helpful because she dislikes black students. As expectedly, there was an incident between Olivia and her English teacher which was about Olivia and her mother called racism discrimination abusement in class.

The incident started when Olivia had been reprimanded and embarrassed by the teacher, in front of the class while her first big assignment of the year was pretty late. Due to this, Olivia was given three-pages complaint for her mother to read them. However unexpected by the teacher, this led her to be investigated according to Olivia’s mother complaining to the school management that she was overreacted and written in a way of racism discrimination just because of late assignment which often happened to most of students not only Oliva. Jody was investigated and her fellow teachers were very angry that whether they would be accused of racism or bullying every time they told a student to do better in class. And they arrived to the community meeting by wearing red union T-shirts to support Jody. And this incident took six weeks and yet what happened to Olivia never judged whether she was or was not racism discriminated.

Nowadays, children as young as 10 are whitening skin to avoid being subjected to racism abuse. In Britain, a child protection group called the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) has announced and warned that a total of 10,571 racially-motivated hate crimes against children are in an average of 29 per day. And not only toddlers but also babies were among those targeted. That number is now a fifth times higher than it was just three years ago, and is growing at a rate of about 1,000 new crimes a year. Thus, children are forced to whitening skin by parents to avoid being subjected to racism abuse without choices of their own. Or the children should be hiding at home alone cutting out the connection with the world. I have witnessed some of my black classmates were verbally abused in a way such as even though they are born in the UK but bullies warned them to go back to their own country or called nasty names. Back then I have seen some of my classmates make their face whiter before using make up so that they can fit in. All I see from them was that they just want to enjoy going to school. It is just as heartbreaking every single time some of my friends tell me that they wish they were born and looked different. I really don’t understand why these children have been made to feel shame and guilt and sometimes dare not to tell their parents about it because they don't want to worry or hurt their feelings. Days by days, hate crimes based on victims' sexual and gender orientations, religion and disabilities are all rising rapidly as well, but race-based attacks still constitute the majority of hate crimes with an average of eight such crimes reported an hour.

Racism discrimination is bad, skin color differentiation is bad and bullying foreign students is bad. I have always wanted these children to know that this bullying is not OK and the victims have nothing to be ashamed of. And they will never give up their dreams and ambitions they are willing to achieve just because of something they never did wrong or could make choices to born with favourite races or skin colors.

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