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Fear Overcoming And It's Types

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Fear is a feeling, it can be divided into many subcategories as it can be caused because of various reasons.

Fear being a problem of the mind, is unlikely to be allayed by physical solutions. So, it is better to identify the cause of fear and then overcome it by reasoning.

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According to the law of nature, man has to live with contradictions. The world is not perfect. Once I realised this, I developed a realistic approach to life. Becoming aware that ‘Maturity is the ability to live with things we cannot change,’ I was able to rationalise the issue and live tension-free. The solution is not external; it has to be managed in the mind.

If you can become aware that fear is imaginary and not real, your mind will be rid of fear. Fear is apparently a negative experience, but there is a positive aspect to it. Fear stimulates intellectual activity, which leads to creative thinking. In this sense, fear has an important role to play in our lives.

Fear keeps one’s mind alive. Without fear, one risks descending into a state of intellectual stagnation. We have, therefore, only one option before us, and that is, to control our minds so that we may regard fear as a positive rather than as a negative phenomenon.

I have divided fear into 4 categories for proper understanding:

Materialistic things:

Fear of things like height, water and these kind of things lie in this category. Fear of these things is psychological and normal as fear of such things can be eliminated with the help of and expert.

Fear of Jins and black magic:

These kinds of fear are generally caused by shaitan,

“It is only Satan who suggests to you the fear of his awliyaa` [supporters and friends]. Do not fear them, but fear Me, if you are of the Believers” (Qur’an 3:175)

Fear of Allah (SWT):

This type of fear is of two types

1). When you love someone then you fear that you don’t do such stuff which will cause hurt, or make them sad.

2). Fear of the wrath of Allah (SWT) as Allah being the creator knew that all humans can not be taught with care and love he (SWT) also tells us to fear his wrath too.

When I say fear of God, I mean fearing God isn’t by means of fearing His wrath or the fear of hell fire, I’m referring to the kind of fear you would hold for offending or losing the love of the most precious person in your life. Fear of Allah needs to be understood properly, in His love appears his fear as well. You can’t love Him enough without fearing his disappointment. All the saints had a relationship of Love but they were all fearful of not God’s wrath but they were fearful of loosing the love of God, that’s what makes on Muttaqi. The fear of God I refer to is not by virtue of his wrath or the severity of the punishments, although that’s a much empasised point in the Quran, I am instead referring to the fear that one has of loosing the love of God.

Worldly possessions:

Fear of the worldly possessions like money , houses etc lie in this category. This type of fear is strictly forbidden, as it makes a person believe that all the wealth he has today is because of him and not because of Allah (SWT). which is clearly shirk.


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