Features of Organizational Culture in Pepsico

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Features Of Organizational Culture in PepsiCo

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PepsiCo’s organizational culture shows a very heavy focus by the company on magnify the competency of its human resources. A solid organizational culture etches out the values, traditions and opportunities to perform by the workers. Employees are urged to focus on producing excellent results. PepsiCo toils regularly to improve the quality of its workforce. It is important to maintain an entrepreneurial culture to maintain leadership in the market. PepsiCo’s organizational culture allows it to use a strategic approach to maximize output by leveraging people’s strengths. PepsiCo focuses on the care of its employees and their ability to achieve exceptional performance levels.

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PepsiCo epitomizes a wonderful corporate culture. Some key features of PepsiCo’s organizational culture are:

Performance with Purpose: Employees move forward with the aim of achieving excellence for the company. This feature of organizational culture shows PepsiCo’s commitment to meet their social responsibilities. The most important impact of this feature of corporate culture is the continuous motivation it provides to everyone working in the firm. Employees excel in what they do, and this ensures and reiterates to them that their efforts contribute are significant and are making a tangible impact.

Real World Leadership: PepsiCo’s corporate culture highlights leadership on the basis of what its employees need. The company uses the understanding of its employees to showcase its real strength in the market. In particular, PepsiCo promotes employees in leadership positions. Their internal leadership training reveals that PepsiCo’s culture uses employees’ experiences to drive growth to the best it can. Consequently, organizational learning is maintained by the corporate culture of PepsiCo.

Cooperation: Working in teams is an integral part of PepsiCo’s corporate culture. The company believes that the collaboration enables the company to perform well. Though PepsiCo recognizes the importance and value of each employee, it supports the use of those strengths through joint efforts. This ensures that PepsiCo supports synergy in its employees’ efforts rather than relying on separate individual efforts.

The stress on focused action and internal leadership development give the employees a contribution to the company. Additionally, collaboration boosts an employee’s morale, which reduces the staff turnover rate of PepsiCo. This is not without drawbacks though. One drawback is that the encouragement needed for autonomy and individual flexibility is very limited in scope, which in part determines employees’ morale, motivation and performance. While PepsiCo recognizes the importance of delegating tasks, its organizational culture does not explicitly include autonomy or individual flexibility.

In essence, PepsiCo has a distinctive and exemplary culture, a group of talented people guided by shared goals. PepsiCo is committed to providing people with a supportive and empowering workplace.

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