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Features Of Video Game "Clash Of Clans"

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Video games have been around for more than half a century now. In this long stretch of time it has become an integral part of the popular culture and an undeniable source of entertainment to almost all the age groups. With the rapid growth in visual media technology especially since the early 70’s, video games have evolved steadily through the years and is continuing to do so with each passing day.

A video game is basically an elctronic game that uses any sort of electronic medium. The electronic systems are termed as platforms. The main components are an user interface and a display device such as a computer, mobile phone screen, TV screen etc. Over the years with rapid technological advances, video game platforms has changed from simple arcades to computers and now games are being developed especially for mobile phones, to be precise smartphones.

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In this avant grade era of smartphones mobile phone based video games has gained immense popularity in recent times. Hunderds of companies and developers from all over the globe is currently dedicated to keep up with the ever growing demand. The mobile based video game has etched it’s own place in the evolution of video games and can easily be considered as an indispensible and undeniable part of it. Mobile based video games can have different genres, e.g. action, action-adventure, adventure, sports, simulation, strategy etc.

One of the most notable mobile based video game that took the gaming community by storm is Clash of Clans, which was developed by a Finnish game development company Supercell and was released in the year 2012. The game was released for both Android and iOS platforms. It gained huge popularity as soon as it was released and went on to become the no.1 highest grossing app in the year of it’s release.

Clash of Clans is basically a multi-player, strategy based video game and the gameplay is set in a imaginary fantasy world. In the game the player is in-charge of a village and plays the role of the chief of the village. The primary task assigned to the player is, building the village from the scratch and making it prosper and grow by using several resources and defending it from enemy attacks by building defences. The main resources are gold, elixir and dark elixir. These resources can be replenished in two ways, e.g. by collecting them from the gold mines and elixir collectors situated in the village or by attacking and looting other villages. In the village the most important building is the town hall, by upgrading the town hall using suitable resources a player advances in the game. Current available town hall levels are from 1 to 12. Other buildings can be categorized as-

i) resource (gold storage, elixir storage, dark elixir storage etc.),

ii) walls, that helps strengthening the defence of the village,

iii) barracks, the troops used in battle or raiding are trained in these buildings,

iv) spell factory,

v) base defences (archer tower, cannon, mortar, x-bow, hidden tesla, bombs, spring traps), which are dedicated in defending the village from enemy attacks.

vi) clan castle etc.

Elixir can be used in following ways-

i) training of new troops (archers, barbarians, giants, wizards, dragons, baby dragons, p.e.k.k.a etc.) for attacking other villages,

ii) research work in the laboratory to upgrade the troops,

iii) reloading of x-bows that are important for the village defence,

iv) to build and upgrade specific buildings,

v) for brewing certain spells (lightening spell, haste spell, rage spell etc.), that can be used to attack other villages.

Gold can be used in following ways-

i) building and upgrading defences

ii) upgrading the town hall, which enables the players to unlock new buildings and defences to strenthen their bases.

A player can access dark elixir at town hall 7. Dark elixir is used to train dark troops (golems, hog riders, minions, bowlers etc.), brew dark spells and unlock and upgrade heros (barberian king, archer queen etc.). The dark elixir is collected using the dark elixir drill.

A player can choose to join a clan and there he can choose to participate in the clan war, which a battle event takes place between any two clans. The Clan leader or co-leader can start the clan war against any other clan, the opponent clan is chosen randomly by the Clash of Clan server. On the “preparation day” the participants from both the clans strategizes and modifies their defences as a prelude to the “war day”, where each participant is given two chances to attack any two of the opponent clan bases. At the end of the war based on the total number of stars won by a clan a winner is determined and loot is credited to the clan castles of the participants of the victorious clan. In 2017, another base called the builder base was introduced to spice up the gaming experience, giving a player the opportunity of handling and managing two villages simultaneously.

The amount of resources and number of gems available to a player, that can be used to perform the tasks within the game, is limited by Supercell, in order to optimize the gaming experience. However there are ways through which these limitations can be overcome by using certain programs available. This way resources and gems that has a substantial collection time can be replenished in no time whatsoever, which enables a player to proceed with the game very fast, usually which takes a sustantial amount of time. Although some might argue that this may take away from the actual gaming experience and anticipation factor. There are many online sites available that enables a player to use the particular program and procedure in order to obtain unlimited resources and gems by using their Clash of Clans username. However there are a very few actual sites that offers actual working programs for this purpose, as most of the websites are malicious and are designed to corrupt the computer or the mobile platform used to access these sites by auto-downloading malwares.


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