Fedex: the Organization Structure and Innovation Strategies


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The first issue was FedEx was short in money as the bank balance was low. The fundamental suggestion on how to improve the issue faced by the organization is to practice planning. Planning plays an important role that affects the company’s performance. Therefore, Managers need to plan better for the organization’s benefits in long term such as achieving the organization’s objectives. Managers also need to lead better in order to motivate worker’s productivity. Managers also need to make sure the organization structure is well-organized. This will ensure the employees update about the company’s status on time so that any conflict can be resolved as soon as possible. The management function that involves monitoring activities such as management specialist, to ensure that they’re being accomplished as planned and correcting any significant deviations. . In addition, an organization needs a skilled manager that is determined, patient and able to plan in order to apply good strategies. The right skill set empowers managers to identify, face, and overcome various problems that might arise in the workplace. Hiring the right specialists can help to enhance cash flow over the longer term, cash flow needs to be handled better especially if planned to expand further. It can better forecast money stream shortfalls and organize debt finance in advance by tracking and forecasting your money inflows and outflows.

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The second issue was FedEx faced challenges over global trade slowdown, rising energy prices in 2013. The fundamental suggestion on how to improve the issue faced by the organization is to practice cost leadership strategy. By cutting costs, it can ensure spending goals are met while maintaining or improve its efficiency at the same time. . A low-cost leader is highly efficient. Overhead is kept to a minimum, and the firm does everything it can to cut costs. For example, to overcome the issue FedEx took measures for improving general fuel efficiency, which included raising its fleet of alternative vehicles, transforming the fuel from diesel to natural gas, and pursuing other advanced technology.

Besides, another approach is a focus on process development. Using this strategy, an organization looks for ways to improve and enhance its work processes. The organization innovates new and improved ways for employees to do their work in all organizational areas. This innovation strategy can lead to lower costs, which, as we know, also can be a significant source of competitive advantage. 

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