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Female Leadership in The Power Sector

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Women hold 13.7% of chair positions, 24.9% in directorships, 16.5% in CEOs and only 29.7% of key management personnel in Agency reporting organisations. By looking at these results we can tell that more than half of leadership positions are appointed to men, leaving an inferior amount of upper hand careers towards women. Our well structured, high tech society today may have already accepted women to countless jobs, but may not be ready to welcome them to the world of management and superiority. You may ask, why do we need more women in power? As gender inequality lowers, females are lingering in part-time jobs or second-class careers, just enough to support their family and necessities.

The world is being pulled back in every way by the absence of female voices in our society. But let me tell you something. The future won’t be pushed to the limit without the hands of others. Statistically, the gain of more women working in high careers shows the society that we are now different from where we were a couple of centuries ago. Women were believed to stay at home, do the cleaning or bear and look after children. The increased leadership in females will gain more popularity and motivate other young girls to walk down the road of power just like them. They represent women everywhere. It will make a stronger statement towards gender inequality, giving women the right they deserve. Women also teach differently. Male leaders are known to be more commanding and controlled, while female leaders are more encouraging and relaxed.

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Both teaching styles are valuable methods that help their peers to grow to be a great leader just like them. But the not many leaders are female, leaving a gap in the minds of new superiors. This is also the cause of society problems today as the current leaders make mistakes due to the lack of a diverse training. If you think about it, most of them are in their mid-forties. Back then, the percent of women in lead were quite low, leaving most of their teaching to men. As they were taught, they blossomed into the leaders we have nowadays. I’m not saying that males are terrible mentors, it is because of the lack of a diverse training. Women are more understanding as well. They’ve been pressured to look their best or acting and being seen “womanly”.

Female leaders will be closer to their peers as they have experienced some problems faced today, making it easier to understand others and resolve these issues. Women equally as good as men. One as great as each other. But without females, males will not be able to settle matters on their own as female leaders are highly beneficial towards the society. Women will surely be a great add in to the world of leadership. Like hillary clinton once said, “ I have always believed that women are not victims. We are agents of change, we are drivers of progress, we are makers of peace – all we need is a fighting chance ”.


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