Treatment of Female Orgasmic Disorder and Its Possible Causes

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Woman go through many obstacles in life, a woman’s sexuality defines a big part of her personality. Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD) is something that many women go through. It is the difficulty in being able to reach climax during sexual intercourse. Mental health for all human beings is important but women go through so many changes in life on top of all the hormonal changes. Dealing with FOD takes a lot of mental stability, As well as self-awareness. Being open about what a woman needs, and want’s is a big part of dealing with this disorder. So many factors go in to being able to diagnose FOD. But a full physical must be done, although most of the time FOD is self-diagnosed. Should that be the case it is definitely important that you go and speak to a doctor to clarify.

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Female Orgasmic Disorder also known as FOD has been a disputable and regularly confounding issue in the archives of pharmaceutical and particularly as to administering treatment Over the years the condition has been related with exceedingly restorative belief system and has likewise been marked down by some completely to step far from the civil argument in regards to the turmoil by tolerating that the confusion exists to the degree that it influences lives and can require helpful directing intercession is the purpose of this work instead of to talk about the presence or non-presence or the physical clinical nature of the turmoil with the end goal of this work an essential meaning of the disorder will be offered to enlighten the extent of the disorder.

Female Orgasmic Disorder is real inability of a woman to achieve an orgasm at some point of the sexual act both alone or with a companion or the inconsistency of ability to reach orgasm or ultimately the inability to realize an orgasm while and if it does happen and therefore to revel in it to the degree that she believes she ought to. The severity and type of the disorder can vary anywhere from the complete lack of capability to reach climax additionally referred to as the incapability of completion of the sexual response cycle, known as primary orgasmic dysfunction to an ability to reach and orgasm with just vaginal or coital sex related stimulation. Which could also be known as anorgasmia. Its old name was “Inhibited Sexual Orgasm”. Within the strictest experience Female Orgasmic Disorder refers to the incapability to achieve orgasm with any stimulation and is estimated to have an effect on about 15% of women.

When a female becomes sexually excited the blood vessels in the pelvic region increase, letting extra blood flow to the genitals the same way that occurs when men come to be sexually excited. This effusion is accompanied with the aid of seepage of fluid into the vagina to provide lubrication before and for the duration of sex those occasions are referred to as the “lubrication swelling response”. Body tension and blood flow to the pelvic area continuing to build as sexual stimulation builds up. An orgasm happens when the tension is released. Orgasms can range in their intensity, and their duration. Women are capable of having more than one orgasms in a brief time frame. Some women reach orgasm only through direct clitoral stimulation. Mature more sexually skilled women find it less difficult to have orgasms than younger or sexually inexperienced ladies.


FOD is considered one of the many types of sexual dysfunctions and it often occurs with other types of sexual dysfunctions. Women that have FOD do experience arousal and lubrication but as the tension builds the find it really difficult and almost impossible to reach climax. This affects a woman in so many different ways making her feel unsatisfied which can harm any relationship she may have. It can cause a woman to feel isolated or embarrassed.


For FOD to be diagnosed it is a demand that the anorgasmia be now not due totally to physiological issues or tied to any other fundamental health issues. However, it may be caused by a mixture of physiological problems. To diagnose it the condition must be causing personal distress or problems within the relationship. FOD may be a primary or lifelong condition in which a female will never be able to climax with any type of stimulation inclusive of self-stimulation. It also can affect woman who have experience an orgasm at least once before however have now lost the capability to do so due to an illness or trauma. However, it is often self-diagnosed, and a complete physical exam will be done

Risk Factors

Recent research shows that genes and heredity play a massive function within the development of FOD. It is characterized by way of a woman’s incapability to achieve orgasm. But especially its brought on because of mental problems as an example performance tension or sexual activity that is overly goal oriented with immoderate strain to orgasm, past sexual abuse, rape, or some other traumatically sexual experiences. Additionally, different mental health problems consisting of depression or taking prescription or over-the-counter medicine. Other physiological reasons of FOD consist of insufficient sexual stimulation and the incapacity to speak about or discover greater stimulating strategies. Having low estrogen levels, smoking, alcohol, or other substance abuse. Hormonal disorders and additionally chronic ailments.


Remedy of female Orgasmic disorder requires addressing any underlying physiological causes or psychological elements inclusive of depression and life-style factors including substance abuse some medications may additionally require modifications, any sexual dysfunctions, consisting of lack of interest in intercourse or painful intercourse should additionally be addressed. FOD is normally dealt with schooling and counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy psychotherapy and or intercourse therapy which incorporates direct exercises for increasing stimulation and decreasing inhibitions Kegel exercises for reinforcing sexual reaction. Estrogen and progesterone in mixture can also be used to treat FOD.


FOD is a disorder that really stems from your mental health. I believe if you practice good mental health you take care of yourself make sure to try and live a stress-free life and try to have a lot of self-love and self-positivity. If you struggle with depression make sure you get help and talk to anyone that you feel comfortable with it could be a therapist or your partner. Being open about what you want is definitely an important factor you need to be able to discuss what works best for you not everyone is the same.

Female Orgasmic Disorder is a common disorder, it derives from your mental health. Some causes can however be external as we have read any kind of sexual abuse or mental abuse, rape, or even fear of how you may look or act during a climax. It’s definitely something that needs to be addressed more often. If you feel that something is off, go and speak to a doctor. Always make sure that your significant other is aware of your needs and your feelings.

Frustration is a big of FOD so making sure to keep yourself knowledgeable of your options and what kind of therapies can help you overcome this. It is said that there are some woman that won’t be able to overcome this due to aging and other factors, your partner should always be aware and try to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

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