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Feminism-a new fashionIn recent times, a terminology called FEMINISM gained public’s attention so rapidly is defined as“The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes”Feminism is basically a theory according to which both men and women should stand on the same grounds. All of their rights must be equal. This idea of fairness is not a new one actually but finds its roots deep in the last century. Various movements and causes took initiative to bring about the concept of similar rights of both men and women.

In recent years, the theory of feminism was revived in both east and west where women started to raise their voice for their gender. Meanwhile, it looked much like a fashion trend because many heads in the crowd don’t even know the principles of feminist theory. Well, with the time span the idea if this theory strongly got into the hold and has spread its roots in both parts of the world. The most questionable thing that we have Is feminism just a wave of fashion that is being followed up today by the bulk of women or it has become a reality to raise voices for equality?

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For some people, the activism that comes up with raising their voices for some real-life issues that seem to be “cool” or “trendy. ” This can be observed in pop culture as well. Therefore now, some people would like to join feminist movements to appear good or in order to make them feel better. Hey! Do not get away with the sauce. These causes and voices are more than a mighty caption, more than a t-shirt marking a quote. This is real life effort. I mean how can it be fair to just throw a pink hat on anything and name it as feminist? Of course not! In such a scenario it will not be a false statement that feminism is a new fashion. It’s been our common observation in marts that different prestigious sellers of women’s outfits tend to launch t-shirts with feminist slogans and at the same time, if we ask their staff about what amount of their earning are they serving for women’s cause, they mostly reply with no comments or no info about it. I mean what a ridicule it is to raise banners and be high in protests on one side and portraying it as a trend on other.

Feminism on runway

A model walks the runway for the Prabal Gurung T-shirt collection during New York Fashion Week, Feb. 12, 2017. These kinds of shirts that are marking the settlement of feminism as a trend and fashion instead of a revolutionary theory to safeguard the basic rights of women. Moreover, the retailing of these shirts carrying feminist’s slogans is around $700. Seriously! What a way to cash the theory. It is not suddenly clear that how these types of shirts are different from others that you might find on Etsy, eBay, or even Amazon, other than the 3,000-percent price variation. The innovation seems to be entrenched in the concept that Dior is creating and cashing a feminist statement. In spite of all this, fashion editors seem to be excited as well as terrified by this new fashion. They basically want to join the core of revolution, but at the same time, they are apprehensive of becoming just an addition to the bulk of bodies among the arbitrary masses.

Vogue fashion writer Eviana Hartman took statistics from an intimate survey of fashion editors who expressed the feelings regarding dressing for the battle, and it was very obvious that they are not so much ready for the fences. They would like to prefer to give a statement by putting on outfits brazenly tailored pieces or highlighting a pop of bright color instead of slapping a slogan on their blouses. Feminism for young peopleIt would be much amusing to see how most of the susceptible youngsters are carrying these outfits as they want themselves to be identified with feminism.

This clearly reflects that how they take this terminology, of course, they are just following another fashion trend that will be out of style for the upcoming season. Therefore, everyone abruptly become emphatic and proud to be a feminist or have fashion brands just knocked into a market to make some big amount? I would keenly hope that it is the very first option, but that seems little acceptable looking at the following facts:

  • Only 36% of British adults consider themselves as feminist yet 76% tend to support gender equality as of 2017
  • Only 20% of Americans consider themselves feminis

This probably claims the fact that the true definition of the ‘F-word’ is misconceived. Caitlin Moran in How to Be Woman said;“Feminism has had exactly the same problem that “political correctness” has had: people keep using the phrase without really knowing what it means.”

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