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Feminism and the Negative Stereotypes on Feminists

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In our civilization today, people use the concept of stereotyping to derive certain groups based off religion, believes, race, gender Etc. Stereotypes in general or harmful and are still extremely prominent in today’s society. In this paper I will be looking at Feminism and the negative stereotypes that degrade feminist. Eminem is an idea that rejects hierarchy, oppression and exploitation. It is a social movement that has become exceedingly popular throughout the last couple of decades. The increase in interest towards the idea feminism Has brought on multiple feminist stereotypes. These stereotypes are manufactured by people to stop the progression of the feminist movement. The two stereotypes that have caught my attention specifically are, “feminists hate men” and “All people who label themselves as feminists believe in the exact same thing quote. These two stereotypes are the most commonly acknowledged stereotypes amongst Feminist they are both not sure but the tray feminism in a negative way; By grouping them to be missing Andrea women who all hold the same believes. When in fact there are multiple branches of Feminism.

Feminist stereotypes reduce people to “few, simple, essential characteristics which are represented by fixed nature” (Hall 2013). The idea that all feminists hate man falls into the concept of a negative stereotype. But it also touches upon holes conception that stereotypes get hold of easily grasped and recognized characteristics about a person, but in this case a group; Specifically, feminists. Hall also argues that stereotyping occurs when there are gross any qualities of power. In this case the powers directed against females while men hold the power. Thus, how the stereotype that women hate men came about. Halls Second argument relates to the second stereotype “All woman who label themselves as feminists believe in the exact same thing”. Stereotyping to place a strategy of splitting (Hall, 2013), This means that it divides tomorrow from the abnormal. The stereotype about with me to categorize all of your families as “abnormal” people who ask you the same judgment. It was meant to make people who feminists feel as though they were normal. Negative Feminist stereotyping in general, carries that idea to scare away females from joining the movement. In our Lecture about Disciplines of Women and Gender S we watched a video of Jessica Valenti, she touched upon the concept that these negative stereotypes are made to the deter females, anyone feel strongly about the cause from joining the wave. For example men, back in the first wave of feminism, would creepy stereotypes because feminists didn’t fit into the norms of that society. Overall goals concept of stereotyping can be applied to many other for ministerial tapes were stereotypes in general as they break down the key approach of a stereotype and goes into detail as to why and how they are caused.

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Most people know about them is on third hand. They base their assumptions of what they hear from other people, rather than doing the research themselves. Stereotypes about feminism or negative, pushing women to use the phrase “I am not a feminist” (hook,2013). It takes women away from the issue they’re fighting for and has the more focused on not being labelled by Society. It takes women away from the issue their fighting for and has them more focused on not being labelled by society. bell hooks is a female who is proud of her choice to become a Feminist. She advocates for Radical Feminist and believes that if men let go of the Benicia if patriarchy and allow change, they would understand the ultimate goal of Feminist. This ties in to the stereotype “ All women hate Men”. People learn about feminism from patriarchal mass media (hook,2013). To elaborate hook us explain how this idea of an anti-male sentiment cane from a patriarchal based society, thus making a huge bias towards Feminists. Early Feminist activist did respond to male domination with a great deal of anger but this anger just fueled the movement even more. As Feminist progressed, Women came to a realization that males weren’t the only ones that could be sexist females could be too. Which changed their anti-male thinking and behavior and shifted to create Gender equality and justice. So, the Stereotype “All females hate males” is inaccurate. For the simple reason that Feminist changed their hatred and began to focus on the bigger picture. At this time, black women also became active in the Feminism Movement, even though it was clear black women could never achieve the same equality as a white Supremacist. Thus, relates to the term intersectionality as women’s different identities; for example race, class, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation severely impact the way women and people experience discrimination and oppression. In the first wave of Feminist, white women were oppressed because of gender but had race on their side, while black women had the disadvantage of both race and gender. This over all affected the way people viewed Black feminists.

There are many people who don’t truly understand the goal of feminism. Which is what leads to misinterpretation and negative stereotypes. There are multiple branches of feminism that a hold different views and principles they represent. Specifically the states are the same or hold the same views; This is not true. Calicos, Johnson, Motapayne 2017, Give us a deeper understanding of the different branches of feminism. There is liberal feminist who fight for you quality and rationality. They believe “human beings are inherently rational”, (Calixte, Johnson, Motapayne 2017) and should be considered equal on all grounds. Radical feminism is also deeply rooted and misunderstood and society, they fight for freedom of choice sexual passion and violence against women. There are also feminists who reject other feminist’s ideas. For example, socialist feminist, rejects him and believe patriarchy is the primary source of oppression against women. Socialist Feminist consider patriarchy is it important factor in the distribution of power in society that holds importance to males rather than females (Calixte, Johnson, Motapayne,2017). Comparably the Marxist Feminist Theory is that a person is established to capitalism. Our dependence on men within the set that system is what leads to inequality (Calixte, Johnson, Motapayne,2017). There are a variety of lists that are in the mainstream society who all have the same goal but different believes. They categorize all feminists and stereotype them to all be the same. That’s not only demoting feminism but also makes it clear how misconceived people in our society today can be.

To conclude them in his arm is a theoretical ideology. That branches off into multiple fields. It specifically targets gender eat any quality, gender politics and power relations between men and women. Negative stereotypes of been associated with feminism, since the idea was made. These stereotypes have a harmful effects, not only does it affect the feminist but these stereotypes also prevent women from becoming a feminist. Women involved in a social movement advocating for a quality shouldn’t be stereotyped for speaking up for a cause they feel strongly about. Feminism is substantial to the misunderstood miss treated and discriminated women all around the world. To deprive a woman of that right by classifying all Feminist to hate men and to all hold the same beliefs is offensive and should be stopped in order to better society and help feminist accomplish their overall goal; To stop inequality and achieve political, economic and social rights for all women.


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