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Feudalism Is A Terrible Legacy Of Centuries

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Feudalism, in a nutshell, is a system that was used commonly in the middle ages. The system revolves around land ownership and duties. In this system, the king owned all the land and could choose to gift his land to lords and nobles, often called manors, in exchange for support. Then the lords and nobles could give their property to vassals who did labor for them. The lands given to them were called fiefs. In Feudalism, taxes were paid with work and products. This system had a significant impact on today’s world, a giant step toward a more modern advanced economic system; it provided the future framework for Socialism and Capitalism. I believe that Feudalism, in fact, as good as it made an impact on today’s world, and it was also a very efficient solution at that time and solved a lot of chaos and prevented many problems.

I believe that Feudalism was great for many reasons. For one, Feudalism helped the many communities and secured them from the violence happening at the time after the fall of Rome. It also helped keep out powerful invaders. Feudalism also played a role in restoring healthy trade. Feudalism lead to the Lords rebuilding the bridges and roads and their knights enforcing the law, in turn, making it safe to travel on roads. Another reason why I think it was good is that Feudalism did not allow a single person or organization to gain ultimate power. Instead, power was equal among many people and groups. This leads to many new European ideas shortly after. But Feulalsim also has many weak points too. Feudalism has caused many problems.

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Since the government doesn’t have too much power, they cannot enforce laws, which could lead to violence against lords. Feudalism is also not very fair, and a lot of people are treated harshly and do hard labor while others don’t work and still get rewarded.

In conclusion, Feudalism has many pros and cons. However, I still believe that Feudalism had a more significant good impact than it did terribly and that it helped people and Europe at the time a lot, and without that system, in place, there would have been a lot of problems chaos. It restored trade, and it helped solve the violence at the time, and it also served as a temporary solution with proved to be quite useful.


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