My Experience as an Digital Marketing Intern with Maple Furniture

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  • Recommendation

My co-op placement at Maple Furniture was an experience of excitement and it not only gave me a chance to explore various other aspects of marketing but also provided me with advanced knowledge in my field of study. Though, it reflects on my resume but it has a much bigger influence on my way of thinking about various things that would help me in daily situations in life. “Marketing of a product/service is always a challenge since it is always difficult to analyze the customer’s point of view. The strategy you adopt may either fail or fetch you a jackpot but it’s all about the risks you are willing to take.”

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Hearing these words from my senior colleague on my first day of work not only increased the excitement and curiosity I had to work on this internship. Located in Toronto and serving customers in store and online, Maple Furniture is a customer centric company providing with quality home furniture and friendly service every time you deal with them. It is the primary mission of the company to bring to you the best quality furniture and home accessories. The primary reason for their increasing sales is not just affordable priced products but also the guidance provided to their customers before and after every sale/purchase made. Displaying a distinctive work culture and management style, it has based its success on the philosophy – “Let us grow together”

The main purpose of this internship was to explore the areas of marketing that I had not particularly explored until now, which is digital marketing and social media marketing. Not only did the internship give me an opportunity to learn more about digital marketing and various aspects to it, it was also a great learning experience working in the same field where I had my academics in.

The company’s objectives as a part of their vision and mission statements are briefly stated as follows:

  • To produce and market products efficiently and in an economically and friendly manner.
  • To maintain optimum levels of efficiency in use of resources for maximising return on investment.
  • To increase customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services.
  • To ensure corporate growth by expansion as well as diversification.
  • To continuously upgrade and train human resources and promote organizational and management development.

Apart from organizational objectives, there were certain primary objectives of mine as an intern at the organization, they are as follows:

  • Obtaining knowledge about the ins and outs of digital marketing process.
  • Developing skills that would further help in professional work atmosphere.
  • Creating social media content and extending their reach.
  • Getting involved in client projects.
  • Becoming a part of the team player.
  • Assist with Facebook management and presence.
  • Maintaining balance while learning to meet deadlines.
  • Learning and managing consumer database and requirements.
  • Implying database research to develop social media strategies.

Keeping in mind both organizational and individual objectives, I was able to achieve the objectives I had planned before starting my internship. I have briefly mentioned below some of the goals I accomplished during the internship:

  • Not only did I get brief idea about the ins and outs of digital marketing, by the end of the internship I was also able to create social media content by myself and post online.
  • I was also able to revamp the social media presence for the company.
  • Apart from social media, I also had a chance to deal with indirect customer base that included manufacturers and wholesalers.
  • The internship also gave me a chance to assist my trainer in Facebook presence and understand consumer behaviour with digital presence.
  • After completion of internship, I am now able to not only make customer base and also use the research before making any strategies.
  • Not only did it give me a chance to work as a part of a team but also, I developed skills that will help me in my professional career.
  • With the proper training provided to me for on the job training, I now hold a different perspective to work which would have otherwise gone amiss.
  • The training provided me with more motivation and encouragement to overcome obstacles faced in course of my professional career. Thus, I can rightfully conclude that I gained more than what I had planned for before the course of internship.

Learning: From my field placement and compared to my program study, there were various learning outcomes I hold after completion of my internship, some of these outcomes are as follows:

  • The training program met my expectations as declared prior to start of internship.
  • Most of the activities I learned from this internship are as follows: o Creating content schedules o Planning campaigns o Team work o SEO and link building o Public Relations o Blogging and adwords
  • I had a chance to participate completely in marketing related activities, closely working with sales and marketing teams, planning and executing from managing presence on blogs and social media platforms.
  • The internship gave me a chance to gain knowledge by hands-on practical experience.
  • The internship was an exciting opportunity to expand my network of contacts.
  • During the course of internship, I had a chance to basic graphic designing skills, while creating content images for social media posts.


  • The training was relevant to my course of study which in turn built in-field knowledge in me.
  • Regular discussion sessions provided me daily encouragement and motivation that makes me a confident person about my job.
  • The employees encouraged me to take initiatives, making me an initiator and brushing my leadership skills.
  • Already having communication skills came in handy while pitching the marketing strategies and plans.
  • My creativity skills were helping me out while preparing the advertisements and posts that were to be posted on social media platforms.
  • Originally meant to work on Instagram presence, but with increasing curiosity I was given a chance to assist on Facebook presence as well.


  • One of the weaknesses that was pointed out to me by a colleague was that I was too anxious about making everyone happy related to the advertising content prepared. This according to him wouldn’t help me in long term.
  • Although, I was familiar with excel sheets, there were many other software that I didn’t know about which was another weakness that I held before the start of my internship, however with proper training, I gained in-depth knowledge about latest software as well.
  • My trainer always thought I was too critical when it came to myself which he saw as another weakness during my course of internship.


To the organization: As a student of marketing and management and as my entire academic and professional experience in marketing and advertising, there are certain recommendations I would mention for the organization to improve its current business scenario. These recommendations are as follows:

  • More exposure to clients considering the geographical segment of business.
  • More on the job training to ensure effective management
  • More and more team meeting sessions to build a friendly work environment and obtain more efficient results.

Although, it was a unique work experience, I do not have any further recommendations for the organization to improve the current business in industry.

It was a great, intellectual and extremely professional work experience; thus, I would like to express my profound gratitude to the program co-ordinator without whose help, completion of this internship would not have been possible.

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