Fighting Against the Meaninglessness of the World

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I don’t think Ahab had free will against his mind because he was trapped in his thoughts, and that loss of Individualization happens. Moby Dick is the epitome of whiteness that means fighting against the meaninglessness of the world, hoping that life would have meaning. Ahab seeks the whale out for revenge as he tries to find value in his life, even if it's a vague value, without him trying to seek the whale, Ahab has nothing. Moby Dick is about having an unhealthy obsession over something that can stall your whole life. Ahab loved and cared only for himself because he thinks he can't make any mistakes. 

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Ahab doesn’t think he is a human who has faults. Melville uses a lot of words that start with unto show the negative aspect of some of his things. He has a blind spot on how people perceive him and how he perceives himself. He thinks he can do everything and that Moby Dick is possible to hunt. Ahab feared to be in control of his destiny, so, he tried to be a victim of circumstances. I think free will, and losing individuality are intertwined because when you give up your free will for something, you also lose apart from you. 

Ahab hunted this whale, but the revenge and madness that ensued afterward were him losing himself. Unlike Ahab, Ishmael was independent of the beginning, and he knew himself, he was assertive towards the landlord in “The Spouter-Inn”. I think he knew of his free will and made sure he voiced his opinions in the beginning. The way Melville describes the determination of Ahab, makes him feel like a tragic hero because he was so persistent to go after the whale until the end. He couldn't fully control the outcome of his actions. Ishmael describes whales, and other facts about whales he says the only way to understand a whale is to go hunting for one, and that a whale is something mysterious. 

However, Ishmael also says that the whale is “the one creature in the world which must remain unpainted to the last,” and that means that humans lack the knowledge to hunt whales. He talks about nature like its something you can't tame even if you try hard since they are unpredictable. It's easier not to think of whales as mammals because then you would need to feel empathy towards killing something because at that point whaling was a big thing. Omens suggested that the voyage was doomed from the start because the needle stopped working. 

Fate could play apart from it if you believe the world is out to get you and that it’s not in your control then you would believe in fate. I think Ishmael is open-minded because he let Queequeg practice his religion and said nothing about it. Fate is when Ishmael boarded the Pequod instead of going on the other ships. Racism is a big part of this book, to white people anyone whose nonwhite is savage, and that they don't know what they are doing. Nonwhites are considered not as knowledgeable as white people. Melville had an imperialist view on society, and it shows he describes people that don’t look like him. 

Melville knew nothing different because of the society he lived in, and that socially he probably had people that had the same views. Ahab is dressed in all black, which captains usually did but black also symbolizes evil, ironically he went crazy. I believe that if you act upon your free, will you would be less prejudice towards other groups of people. If you have no free will and have no self-control you are more likely to be prejudiced. While Melville’s use of the word necessity instead of Providence opens the door for a godless reading of losing. it does not prevent the possibility of God. This whole book is the buildup to a metaphor, and it is there is a way to coexist with someone's free will to do something. 

Ahab barely acknowledges the crew because he’s so focused on himself. Ishmael was feeling lonely before his voyage so, I think he went on this voyage to avoid confronting his inner feelings, and he chose the Pequod day to find a white whale since white is a color that means nothing or emptiness. When someone doesn't understand something they think it's fate, and that's what Ahab thought when he didn't understand why something was happening to him. 

There are dark omens everywhere which he ignores because he wanted to travel around. Ishmael frees himself from worrying about death after being washed out of the whaling boat and nearly killed. He laughs, casting aside his cares and worries. Melville described everything thoroughly so people can imagine things Whale has appeared in the book 1685 times and harpoon has appeared 256 times, and that shows that Ahab was obsessed with trying to find the whale and that he constantly cared about finding that he just cared about killing the white whale. He says that his master is fate and that even if he doesn't want to hunt Moby Dick, he wouldn't be able to stop.

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