Final Reflection and Thoughts on the Other Wes Moore

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Final Reflection And Thoughts On The Other Wes Moore

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The Other Wes Moore is a story that shows how the choices that people make and the things that they are born into can greatly affect the outcome of their own life. The book begins with an introduction. This introduction explains that the book is the story of two people born in the same place with the same name. Moore, the author, states that one of the men named Wes Moore has become very successful while the other is spending his life in prison for murder. When the author first learned about the other Wes Moore, he contacts him and begins to visit him in prison. Both men agree to work together and create a book about the lives that they lead and inspire others to make good choices. Toward the beginning of the story, Moore and Moore discuss the absence of their father’s in their lives and the impact it had on their current situations. The imprisoned Moore is resentful due to his father’s selected absence in his life. The successful author, Moore, is impassioned when talking about his father, who died when he was little. The imprisoned Wes Moore was born to a woman named Mary that was a single mother. She lost funding for her education and was unable to continue it. His father was an alcoholic without a secure source of income. For this reason, Mary did not allow him to be involved in Wes’s life on the one occasion he tried to. The successful author, Moore, was born to Joy and Westley Moore. Joy was an immigrant from Jamaica and had been married to an abusive husband that she eventually left. His father, Westley, was Joy’s second husband. Westley had been ill one day and passed away due to a rare and life-threatening condition. Both of these men, Moore and Moore, had been in incidents regarding the police. After Moore, the author, was arrested at a young age he decided that this was not the life that he wanted. “I became aware of how I had put myself in this unimaginably dire situation – this man now had control of my body; even my own hands had become useless to me. More than that, he had control of my destiny – or at least my immediate fate. And I couldn’t deny that it was my own stupid fault. I didn’t have the energy for romantic rebellion – the possibility of losing all control of my life was like a depthless black chasm that had suddenly opened up in front of me” (Moore 83-84). However, the other Wes Moore was arrested multiple times throughout his life and continued to commit crimes. Eventually, him and his brother and two other suspects were arrested and charged for robbery and murder.

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There were a few factors that made the lives of both men named Wes Moore so different. One of these factors was the reasoning behind the absence of their fathers in the household. One father was gone by choice, and the other not. Another factor that made their lives so different was the people that they were surrounded by and the area that they lived in. Learning about these two men is very important because it shows how choices and luck can both factor into their lives and determine the person that they will become. It shows that two people, with the same name, living in the same area, can lead two completely different lives. This book has made a big difference in my life. It has encouraged me to make more positive choices and to have goals for my future. I view the lives of others very differently now because I have realized that you never know what someone has gone through, and therefore you should not judge them. The most important lesson of the book is to make positive choices, or you may have to suffer the consequences of the bad ones for the rest of your life.

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