Final Report on Survey on Iot Based Livestock Monitoring System

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In the Day-to-Day increase of number of cattle in the farms, the need for monitoring the cattle is increasing. Taking this into consideration, many of the technologies have been developed with the use of Internet of things in which Bio Sensors is one of them. Bio sensors are used to translate the data taken into the digital format which is for future use. This technology has been developed using the Internet of Things. In this Animal Health Care Monitoring System we use Bio capsules to monitor the cattle. These devices are reliable and easy to use which makes the work simpler. The main advantage of using this technology is, a person is no longer continuously needed to monitor the cattle, and instead the Bio capsules monitor the cattle 300 times a day approx.

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Internet of things is an emerging technology which is being developed in all the fields. Previously, the cattle’s are monitored in persons which is a big task as they need to take care of everything about the cattle including the health, heartbeat, body temperature and also if it was suffering with any diseases. One of the reasons for opting new technology is – By manual monitoring, the person always needs to be in the farm to continuously keep on monitoring the cattle all the time. It’s because the person cannot expect ant disease earlier till the cow falls sick. It’s not good to detect the cow was ill after it was fallen sick; instead we need to take care earlier. The cattle was used to be in the closed place all the time which makes them sick for not being exposed to outer environment. The environmental conditions also affect the health of cattle. When the technologies are developed, every field started to use the wireless technologies as it is easier to use. One person can alone manage the farm if he has basic idea of the technology and if he had a mobile application linked with the farm.

By using the Internet of things, we can increase the efficiency of the cattle products and also life span of the cattle.

In case of visual observation, we can only recognise that the cattle were ill once it was fallen ill. But this ‘type of observations are not accurate as we cannot detect any disease until it has gotten worse [1]’.

The Bio capsules are orally injected into the cattle’s body. The capsules are designed to stay in the ruminant stomach which can last up to 7-8 years. This type of capsules does not affect the metabolism of the cattle which is making it more popular. In this we are introducing Bio capsules which can be used for monitoring and detection of diseases in live stock farms.


It is not easy to maintain the farm with manual monitoring. This was the reason the live stock came into existence which made the work easier and more accurate.With the increase of cattle each day and year, the farmers are getting profits as well as lose. But comparatively they are losing lot of profits due to the illness of the cattle. To improve this, there are many ways that we use the IOT to gain profits in live stock management.

  1. The Sensors which we use can track the heart rate; body functioning, blood circulation, body temperature and lot of other things.
  2. The data collected through the sensors are sent to the central data collector and also to the cattle farm owner so that he can have a clear look of health condition of the live stock.
  3. The cattle farm owners can also track the calving period of the cow.
  4. The sensors can also locate the cattle independently so that we can distinguish between the cattle.

With the use of live care technology, the management of smart farms is made easier and it is cost effective. It provides us with the correct data by analysing the cattle. We can distinguish between the cattle easily as we have unique ID for each capsule. The collected information is for the future use to improve any specifications for the better results.

Previously, we used to have ear tags for the cattle. These are tagged for the ears.

These are also providing the benefits and also it has some disadvantages like, if the tag was torn or got missed, we cannot monitor the cow. If the tag was placed in the wrong place it may affect the health condition of the cow. It is one of the reason we developed the technology, which made us to come up with Bio capsules using Internet of things.


Bio capsules and devices using wireless technologies are evolving very rapidly for animal monitoring as it is making the work and life easier. If these technologies are used efficiently, we should be away from the losses occurring due to the health effects of cattle. Instead of depending solely on the person, the use of technology can provide accurate results of the cattle. The developed technologies meet almost all the required standards the present people are tending to acquire. We can gather more data in less time. The growth in this sector is expected to increase in the coming years. Bio capsules not only collect the data, they also show us the graphical representation of the health status which is easier to check the condition of the cattle before and after. We can also have a clear view of the productivity of the cattle.

Bio capsule was designed to stay in the ruminant stomach and maintains the PH level of the body. The orally injected capsule gives the real time measurements of the cattle which is made from 100 % sugar cane materials.

‘The length of this Bio capsule may range from 10cm and 2.5 in diameter [1].’ It can sense the cattle up to 300 times a day. It uses the LORA technology which acts as a barrier in between gateways and the central data connector. It can locate the cattle in longer distances as well.

Live care technology helps us to monitor many things. Some of them are:

Diseases: instead of taking care of the cow after falling sick, we can track the disease in the earlier stage so that we can take care of the cattle without allowing the disease to be more severe.

Estrus: By using the bio capsule we can know the insemination time

Delivery: It will notify us about the calving period.

Life: We can detect the life cycle of the cow

We can also manage some specifications like:

History: ‘We can keep a track of insemination, pregnancy, and calving periods [2].’

Schedule: We can pre schedule the timings for estrus, insemination

Entity Information: We can always check the age, pregnancy and semen number


Sensors and wearable technologies can be implanted on animals to detect their sweat constituents measure body temperature observe behaviour and movement, detect stress, detect pH, prevent disease, analyse

and detect presence of viruses and pathogens. This review paper discusses the scope of different wearable technologies for animals, biosensors and advanced molecular biology diagnostic techniques for the detection of various infectious diseases of cattle, along with the efforts to enlist and compare these technologies with respect to their drawbacks and advantages in the domain of animal health management.

Using the Bio capsules makes the life of farmer easier. The main advantage of using this technology is, a person need not be always present in the farm but instead they can carry on with the other works and can check the status of their cattle online.


Live stock monitoring technology is still in the development stage. Sensors are kept on updating in order to gain more accurate measures than now. Any person who tends to use the live stock technology should keep on updating according to the technology developments in order to see more benefits.

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