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According to the statistics, the US electric scooter market has reached over 1.31 billion us dollars in 2017. Many retails start to pay attention to the electric scooter industry and try to find the right wholesale scooters suppliers. Since there are lots of suppliers available in the market, it will take a long time and great efforts to pick the right one. Due to strong management of supply chain capacity and worldwide logistics and warehouse availability, Chinabrands is your best choice to go for electric scooter business.

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Why you can start electric scooter hoverboards business?

After the first invention of electric scooter hoverboards in 2010, the global electric scooter industry has developed rapidly. According to the statistics, the global electric hoverboards market reached 4.7 billion US dollars in 2015 while exports of the wholesale scooters in China exceeding 1.5 billion US dollars. In other words, there are great market demand of electric scooters, many online retailers could consider the electric scooters to be a new business opportunity.

Why do Chinabrands is your best wholesale electric scooter supplier?

To start a new business is risky, you need to invest a lot of money on the wholesale scooters business including cost of stocks, logistics, warehouses, etc. With the help of Chinabrands, whether you would like to go for dropshipping scooters or bulk purchase, Chinabrands is offering you a solution. You can expand your market quickly by importing all the data of electric scooters from Chinabrands directly to your online shop. As soon as the consumers buy the electric scooters from you, Chinabrands will take care of the supply chain and logistics management for you at your own good. To start a new business becomes so simple and easy!

Which kind of electric scooters can you get from Chinabrands?

Chinabrands as a professional scooter wholesale distributor is offering you wide range of electric scooters, including 2-wheel scooters, self balancing scooters, and many more. Let’s find out what you can get from Chinabrands.

  1. Xiaomi Self Balancing Stand up Electric Scooter – #1 choice for your wholesale scooters business Xiaomi 2-wheel self balancing electric scooter is built-in 2 engines with the power at 350W. The average speed of Xiaomi scooters can reach 16km/h while it allows you to keep driving for 22km. If you are trying to search for a scooter wholesale distributor who is offering you the scooter with driving lamp, tail light, steering lamp and brake lamp as well as mobile phone control functions. The Xiaomi Self Balancing Stand up Electric Scooter from Chinabrands must be your perfect choice! Besides, you can also change the color of steering lamp and brake lamp as you like. The most interesting is that you can even control your scooter remotely by mobile through Bluetooth. Main Features: Easy to learn, 3 minutes to be driving master. Safe, brand guarantee, all parts are made of high quality material. Cool LED light makes it safer to drive, maximum illumination distance of driving lamp is 5m. Connect mobile phone through Bluetooth, download an APP named Ninebot, your smart phone will become burglar alarm, instrument panel, you can also diagnose vehicle condition and do individual settings. Its high stationarity and balancing quality makes it easy to go through 15 degrees abrupt slope. Instantaneous power is up to 2000W, low noise Let’s see how much you can earn by dropship the Xiaomi Self Balancing Stand up Electric Scooter from Chinabrands. Price ($) Chinabrands Wholesale Price 381.35/pc Price On eBay 695/pc Profit 45%
  2. Ninebot ES2 Shockproof Folding Electric Scooter – Seize the attractive profit that left for you from Chinabrands. Main Features: Powerful 700W motor for the max 25km/h speed and max 10 degree gradient. 5.2Ah Li-ion battery ( included in the product ) for 25km mileage. Easy to fold / unfold, 114 x 22 x 15cm folding size for space-saving and portable to carry. Solid rubber tire for different grounds. Aviation aluminum alloy and rubber materials for max 100kg payload. Suitable for the kids to play on the wide road, slope, etc. Input voltage: 110 – 240V Since Chinabrands is a very professional scooter wholesale distributor which leave most of the margin for the customers to help them boost the sales and make more profits. Let’s see how much is it for dropship Ninebot ES2 Shockproof Folding Electric Scooter from Chinabrands. Price ($) Chinabrands Wholesale Price 379.7/pc Price On eBay 814.5/pc Profit 53.4%
  3. JIEKAI Universal Scooter Helmet – The best product to enrich your product line Main Features: – Not only for safe riding, can also be used for keeping warm in winter – DOT standard certification, security is guaranteed – Six-segment buckle, can bear maximum 500kg pulling force, much safer – Detachable lining, absorbent and breathable, and convenient to clean – ABS housing, high hardness and good performance for anti-collision – High quality PC visor, effectively prevent ultraviolet light and dazzle – Thickening EPS buffer layer, effectively alleviate hurt in case of accident – Elegant and neutral appearance, suitable for both men and women Many retailers may wondering how much money they can earn by purchasing from wholesale scooter helmets suppliers? Let’s try to figure this out. Price ($) Chinabrands Wholesale Price 17.7/pc Price On eBay 52.06/pc Profit 66%

How to start running scooters business, is there any suggestions?

Study The Market First and Seize Your Opportunities Try to study the market first to understand the competition and potential market in your area. Research what your competitors have already offered to the market and what’s their market strategies including the retail price, customer service, logistics management, target market areas, etc. After fully understand your competitors, try to set up your own business strategies which should be different from your competitors and even better than your competitors.

Pay attention to the risks

There are some retailers already made lots of profits on wholesale scooters, with the great management of supply chain, they’ve understand how to arrange the investment accordingly. But what should the online business starter or some small retailers who is with limited money do in the very beginning? You should pay a lot attention on the risk control. Since there are limited investment you can start with, the most important thing for you is to expand the market, put all your strength and power on the sales promotion. As for the management of supply chain, warehouse, logistics and many other issues, you can find the right suppliers to dropship for you, Chinabrands is always a best choice to be dealt with.

Start your market

For retailers who already with a shop available, you just have to introduce a new project to your product line. And set up the right business strategies for your products. For online businesses, you’ll have to set up a well prepared online promotion strategies to fast expand the sales volume as much as you can. Try Chinabrands today, whether you are looking for free starter plan or paid VIP plan, you will get a solution and best support which are offered by Chinabrands.

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