Finding Solutions to Eliminating World Hunger

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Hunger is still a major problem in some countries, especially developing and underprivileged countries like Africais done, it is difficult to get water and food there. Many people die, especially children because of hunger and malnutrition. Starvation can occur due to lack of food security and people don't have food supplies. In addition, malnutrition is also included in the problem of hunger that occurs, because the health and hygiene found in food is also important.

To improve food security, one thing that is often linked is to promote sustainable agriculture to grow food productivity. However, there are some countries that cannot rely on it, for example Africa. it would be difficult to carry out such activities in this country, due to climatic conditions, soil, etc., which do not allow for agricultural activities. Hunger problems can also be caused by economic conditions that cause unable to buy food from other countries. so social protection is needed to support the economy of a poor country.

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The problem of hunger does not only occur in poor countries, but some countries can also experience it. malnutrition can occur in developed and developing countries, this problem is usually vulnerable to children. Nutritional problems can be caused by the number and quality of food consumed, parents' knowledge about good nutrition, and parenting towards giving good food to their children.

The increasing number of malnutrition and hunger every year in various countries, makes this problem must be addressed immediately. various efforts made by the government and PBB have been made, like giving food to poor countries like Africa. But the results of such efforts are still difficult to reduce malnutrition and hunger. Availability of nutritious food and knowledge of nutrition are also still low.

What can be do to reduce hunger and malnutrition is social protection. This social protection protects the right to get food, of course this is do by providing food supplies for people who are starving, giving jobs to the poor to get money or food, making easy access to countries that cannot produce their own food when buying food abroad, increasing sustainable agriculture by providing subsidies on equipment or agricultural materials. giving every parent knowledge about nutrition is also needed, because by having knowledge about nutrition, food assessment is not only about taste, but also pay attention to the impact of the content on the food consumed. So parents know what foods have good nutrition for their children.

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