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Education is the most important to me for the goals that I have. Most importantly, it is important to me because it motivates me to gain knowledge and to be a good source of motivation for my family, my cousins, and my sisters. In my high school studies, I am currently working towards maintaining my GPA of 3.8. Getting good grades can be challenging but I will work toward them by finishing my homework and asking help if I need to so that I can maintain my GPA. To me, education can be more challenging but I would not give up because my younger sisters rely on me and expect me to be a good example to them. Mostly, it is important to me because it will help in my future and my family. Even though every day I get some challenges in my classes but my parents motivate me every day to do my best and show my little sisters that never give up because, in the end, you will achieve it. As my education continues, it is important for me to learn from my mistakes to help the world to be a better place for others.

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Education is the most powerful weapon in my life. Education is important to me, mostly in doing my homework on time. This is important to me because it is a way to show the teacher respect and being responsible for my learning on what I learned at school. Finishing homework sometimes can be overwhelming but, when I finish it makes me understand the concept and ask questions if I don’t understand a certain concept. To sum up, Doing homework is the most important task to do so that I can be successful. It is important because I want to get a GPA of 3.8 and higher to reach my goal.

Motivation is the most important thing you need to continue with your education. I get motivated by working hard and not giving up because of trying it. By not giving up I will try to achieve my goals and chase my dreams without giving up. Motivation can be important but you need someone to motivate you. My parents are the most important people in my life becuase they have been there to motivate and encourage me to overcome all diffuculties and achieve success. First, my dad motivates me to try my best. And he motivates me during hard times,and even if things get harder at school he helps me to understand that giving up is not an option to be successful. Secondly, My mom motivates me to be successful, even though she might be strict but she teaches me to be hardworkng, respectful and responsible to my teachers at school and to be responsible for my academics. To sum up, my parents have been my biggest motivation and inspiration, and role model to me.

As my education continues, it is important for me to learn from my mistakes to help the world to be a better place. Learning our mistakes is important becuase we all make mistakes but we need to learn from them, and develop the wisdom , and sense to make good decisions and choices. Even though we make mistakes at the end we will re-learn from them and put the world into a better place. Putting the world into a better place is just like to let everyone know that we all make mistakes and making mistakes is the best way to make decisions and develop wisdom.

In conclusion, I am a hardworking, indpendent student and also responsible student. I will improve my education by paying more attention in class to avoid my daydreaming in class and focus in class. To obtain help I need because it will help to stop worring about the class. Finally, to set up high and clear expectations having high expectations is the thing that I really want to improve in my education even in the future.  

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